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Demand for travel, transport and logistics services is constantly increasing, with new working models, legislation changes and economic challenges putting unprecedented pressure on organisations to succeed.

As a result, organisations are now looking to innovative technology and process automation to achieve competitive advantage, to become more agile and take advantage of changing market opportunities.

What our customers say


Everything we do relies on IT, even more so now than it did in the past. We are spending £1 billion at Manchester Airport on processes and terminal facilities all of which have IT as a backbone. We worked with SCC to do both a top down and a bottom up assessment and we looked at every part of our IT infrastructure to make sure that it would be fit for the future.
SCC have put forward their A team to work with us. They’ve been professional, they’ve been credible, they’ve been very capable and they’ve helped our team along with their methodology, so it’s now our strategy – SCC delivered us outcomes not outputs, and I think that bodes really well for the future.


Chief Customer Officer
Manchester Airports Group


SCC is a key strategic partner for Gist. We have had a long standing and trusted relationship and we consider them an incredibly safe pair of hands for the levels of service and support that Gist requires them to provide on our complex and mission critical IT infrastructure.


Head Of IT


Our relationship with SCC has expanded rapidly in the two years since our initial engagement. Their provision of government approved and pre-certified cloud solutions enabled us to rapidly fulfil the stringent security requirements of our government contracts. SCC then augmented this with a wide range of additional services including connectivity to over 200 sites, managed print services, a new phone system and an extensive break-fix contract. The breadth and depth of their services enable us to consolidate so many of our requirements with one highly respected and trusted IT provider.


Finance and Commercial Director

Your challenges

How to mitigate the rising cost of business to attract customers and remain profitable

How to increase the sustainability of operations to meet net-zero targets

Protect the resilience and availability of business services

Digitally transform operations using technological innovations including greater connectivity, autonomous systems, new business models and robotics

Focus on cost control and efficiency to drive productivity and profitability

Addressing skills gaps facing the sector whilst improving gender equality and diversity disparity

Our key Travel, Transport and Logistics solutions

Cloud solutions can enable Travel, Transport and Logistics (TTL) organisations to perform beyond the current economic and regulatory climate, transforming working practices to become more agile, competitive and drive cost savings. SCC has a collection of services which can support TTL organisations in their journey to the cloud. Migrating to the cloud often requires a hybrid model, rather than a full cloud outsource. SCC offer a Cloud Readiness Assessment which can help to match TTL workloads to the most appropriate cloud services provider. Our service approach takes a TTL organisation methodically through a holistic view of their IT infrastructure to identify applications which could be potentially moved to a cloud environment.

Our solution portfolio includes:

  • Colocation – By hosting their equipment in SCC’s UK based enterprise, TTL organisations can maximise the return on their investment.
  • SCC Hyperscale – SCC provides ongoing management, support and optimisation through SCC Hyperscale. The service allows TTL organisations to seamlessly host applications and workloads from multiple public cloud platforms, including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.
  • Cloud+ – SCC’s secure multi-tenant cloud platform Cloud+ delivers a catalogue of cloud based compute and storage services based on a consumption model.
  • Sentinel – Sentinel by SCC is an enterprise level, fully certified OFFICIAL/OFFICIAL SENSITIVE Community Cloud platform, built specifically for customers with high security needs.

The benefits

  • Enables TTL organisations to bring the full power of legacy data to front-line employees and connect customers, employees and partners across the ecosystem in real time.
  • Increased flexibility and cost savings associated with consumption priced services.
  • Maximised the productivity of workloads, minimising the risk of operational downtime during transition.
  • With cloud-enabled mobile solutions, TTL organisations can build a competitive advantage through the ability to take advantage of technological innovations.

Many TTL organisations are under pressure to implement agile working and unified communication solutions at pace. With the legacy of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working is creating entire new organisational structures and new business models. TTL organisations are now looking at future modern workplace solutions to provide end users with a seamless work from anywhere experience.

SCC will align people, process and technology to the following solution areas:

Collaboration and Communication

SCC are unique in our ability to discuss, consult, supply, deploy and support cross-discipline collaboration solutions as part of a digital transformation in workplace productivity.

Unified End-Point Management

A single administrative console allows TTL organisations’ IT teams to remotely manage corporate devices including identity and access management, patch management, end-point experience monitoring and technology adoption requirements.

Application Modernisation

Application Modernisation is key to any transformational project. SCC can remotely manage the upgrades of applications and deliver containerisation services for legacy applications, which are needed for transformation projects but not fit for cloud hosting.

Technology Adoption

Our Technology Adoption team offers training, end user adoption and learning management services to maximise the benefit of investments in technology.

Service Desk

By blending modern technology with standards-based, proven service management practice, SCC’s multi-lingual service desk provides 24x7x365 support via telephone, email, virtual assistant, self service portals, chat and social media integration.

End User Support

Meet the everchanging expectations of employees by deploying SCC’s flexible remote field services which include: Tech Bar, Smart Locker and IT Peripheral Vending Machines, Repair 365 and Technical Exchange.

The benefits

  • Collaborate seamlessly from any location on any device.
  • Easy access to the support users require at the time they need it.
  • Improved productivity with modern supported technology replacing legacy infrastructure.
  • SCC’s user first approach will help TTL organisations evolve from a device-centric strategy to a user, security, data and applications focused modern workplace.

Investing in IT equipment which will rapidly become outdated and depreciate in value will not be high on TTL organisations’ agenda when considering the current economic and regulatory climate. Yet, to remain competitive, TTL organisations need to become more agile and drive cost savings.

SCC’s Payment Solutions allows organisations to utilise the latest IT innovations, by designing a payment profile which aligns their technology project requirements with their available budget, with a predictable monthly cost.

Anything “as a Service”

Organisations who are trapped by their legacy infrastructure can avoid sweating assets by using SCC’s ‘as a Service’ consumption model. The solution incorporates all the intrinsic steps in the lifecycle of an asset and provides them on a simple ‘cost per asset’ basis. It is tailorable to all asset types including End User Devices, Infrastructure, Storage, Print, Audio visual, Mobile and any associated services.

Device as a Service (DVaaS)

Our DVaaS solution encompasses the full lifecycle of IT asset procurement including catalogue management and purchases, configuration, delivery, maintenance, support and decommissioning and recycling. This removes the burden of managing a complex IT estate and allows IT teams to focus on delivering against strategic business objectives.

Room as a Service

SCC Collaboration design, install, configure, test, provide training and deliver ongoing support for video conferencing enablement meet rooms via a monthly subscription.

Software Payment Agreement (SPA)

Many vendors offer multi-year discounts for software purchases, however they require companies to pay the whole cost up front. The SCC SPA solution allows organisations to take advantage of these discounts ,whilst continuing to pay for them on an annual basis.

The benefits

  • Build and maintain a competitive advantage by aligning IT to business objectives.
  • Embrace regular technology refreshes ensuring the latest innovations are being utilised with the advantage of predictable monthly costs.
  • Support green objectives and circular economy.

TTL organisations are constantly seeking to cut costs, so their limited budgets can be focused on delivering core services. Many organisations are devoting disproportionate resources to asset management, reducing the time available to drive savings across their businesses.

SCC’s Asset Management offering is essential to find hardware and software assets quickly and easily in real time. We provide a complete inventory of every end-point device within the organisation’s estate, along with the software and versions operating on those devices. This allows customers to effectively track the location of each item of equipment both by user and site. When combined with a starters and leavers process, Asset Management ensures that all equipment gets accounted for and reduces overall cost.

Hardware Asset Management

We work with customers to build and maintain a database of the physical IT assets in use around the company. Storing this information centrally allows for the SCC Service Management to provide lifecycle management of the TTL organisation’s estate, tracking an asset from purchase, through its useable life, through to decommissioning.

Software Asset Management (SAM)

SCC’s SAM Service works with organisations to evaluate their technology and licencing contracts, assess software usage and identify any issues and commercial risks. Providing insight into the software estate puts TTL organisations back in control and highlights areas of rationalisation to provide savings, whilst ensuring compliance with both vendors and legal regulations.

Cloud Optimisation

SCC’s Cloud Specialist teams work closely with our TTL customers to help them understand their cloud infrastructure. With many organisations turning to hybrid storage solutions it is often unclear what and how the cloud environment is being accessed and its true value to the organisation is often untapped.

The benefits

  • Optimise costs and identify savings with clear asset management.
  • Maximise the value of current IT investment.
  • Software license compliance – minimising risk of vendor penalties if audited.
  • Increased transparency and security around asset location, increasing accountability of staff to look after IT equipment.

As TTL organisations move to hybrid working, it is more important than ever to have the right network provision in place to underpin the organisation in the right way. With the continued move to cloud, today’s Wide Area Connectivity options offer a great transformation opportunity and hybrid working is seeing users needing to use collaboration tools more and more. This all needs to be architected with Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) in mind and secured in the right manner to help TTL organisations to meet these requirements head on.

Local Area Network (LAN)

The LAN is the bedrock of the network, as a stable, reliable and scalable solution is needed to underpin connectivity requirements in TTL offices and buildings. As more devices and systems are becoming network enabled, managing the network is becoming increasingly complex; SCC has a range of options suitable for TTL organisation’s LAN which will underpin the business aims now and into the future.


Wireless has become the standard connectivity medium for most users, whether it be corporate users or guests trying to access the network. The challenge is that wireless was originally an overlay to the wired network being installed into areas such as meeting rooms and break-out areas, but now wireless needs to provide ubiquitous coverage across an entire organisation and with more and more devices being connected, consideration around user density needs to be factored in as well.


Wide Area Networks are a staple of any organisation; connecting the various offices and buildings together, SCC’s SD-WAN is a next generation solution which utilises cost-effective underlay technologies to build a better architecture for today’s cloud connected world. With enhanced security capabilities, SD-WAN enables the safe connection of multiple endpoints and supports today’s hybrid working requirements.

The benefits

  • Take advantage of technological innovations and cloud-based technologies which are driving change across the TTL sector.
  • Save money and increase network flexibility and security.
  • Protect the underlying business infrastructure to minimise risk and downtime through unplanned outages.

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