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As we start to see more and more people return to work after lockdown restrictions have been eased many office meeting rooms will be unsuitable for the new way of working.

To maintain communication you may have needed to quickly adopt or accelerate your collaboration strategy, deploying MS Teams, Webex or other technologies across your workforce almost overnight. Now, after weeks of working from home and communicating via these tools, your people will be used to this more responsive and smoother interaction with their colleagues. The question is how do you seamlessly incorporate this new strategy into your legacy rooms?

We can help ease the transition of full time home workers coming back into the office by enabling unified communications that work across all your business locations.

Workplace challenges after lockdown restrictions

  • The recent lockdown has forced almost all businesses to adopt some form of cloud video collaboration platform that has allowed their staff to continue to be productive from home.
  • Heavy reliance on those platforms will continue but will now also include the office space.
  • As offices open up again, meeting room systems will need to work seamlessly with the chosen platform and networks will need to be able to cope.
  • Is your business prepared for this new way of working?

How we can help your business return to the new way of working

  • We partner with top tier cloud platform providers such as MS Teams, WebEx and other technologies and have a wealth of knowledge and experience with integrating office rooms with cloud platforms.
  • We offer a range of solutions from simple gateway services to complete room redesign and implementation.
  • We have a deep understanding of what it takes to simplify the workflow using solutions such as one-touch dial to ensure simple and reliable operation of all room facilities.
  • Wide range of purchasing and financing options available.

Our Solutions

Agree a target operating environment across fixed room, desktop or mobile access types.

Perform discovery against the current environment and produce assessment documentation detailing the as-is configuration of any components and those that may require upgrading or support services to enable the collaboration strategy.

Assessments help to answer the most challenging questions presented to clients when embarking on a collaboration journey. Using our proven standardised methodology we can provide a holistic view of the estate, focusing on enabling Collaboration solutions:


  • Creating an environment ready to receive collaboration workloads, including networking, security, hardware, etc
  • Costs associated with transitioning services
  • Ongoing operational costs to operate within the public cloud

SCC AVS will lead technical workshops and activities to extract and document knowledge of your current environment and collaboration strategy during lockdown to enable a smooth transition back to the office. The output of the workshops is a readiness report that provides guidance on the suitability of the existing estate. The assessment will consist of the following stages:

Review of your architecture along with the supporting infrastructure to determine readiness

Benchmark existing solutions against the chosen strategy to maintain productivity

Feedback on finding and gap analysis

Provide early analysis on the most appropriate target architecture

Provide the associated costs to create, migrate and operate the optimum collaboration solution to meet your business needs.


  • Save time and money by understanding challenges, benefits any of the complexities involved
  • Reduce risk with a tailored cost/benefit analysis of your infrastructure
  • Make intelligent decisions with estimated costs for the migration effort and timescales.


Create a resultant high-level design (HLD) for your environment, including specification and quantity of any new or replacement room equipment and also the most appropriate transition/migration strategy for your endpoint devices.

Video Conferencing has been transformed into a productivity tool that is fast becoming the cornerstone of communications for all businesses. A simplified space is needed throughout office spaces to aid this collaboration. Standardisation of rooms allows for a consistent style of rooms throughout these spaces.

Benefits of RaaS:

Standardised Rooms
A range of standard room types from small to mid and large sized meeting spaces ensuring consistency and a simple collaboration experience.

Affordable Pricing
A convenient, predictable, cost efficient and scalable solution across your organisation with RaaS subscription. Capex budget is freed up and support costs are driven down with a single partner providing hardware, software and services for a monthly price.

Increased Productivity
Enable collaboration across your business by transforming any room into a VC Suite with the help of our scalable RaaS solutions. Simple design minimises the time trying to make room equipment work.

Technology refreshes are built into the service to ensure you benefit from new developments in collaboration.

Join to any meeting across the most platforms including Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and BlueJeans.

Download RaaS factsheet

Tooltip Text
The network performance is critical to the successful deployment of any collaboration solution. Due to the specific requirements of real-time media it can show up deficiencies in what otherwise are perfectly suitable data networks. 
Our network assessment, in which we investigate the network infrastructure in depth, takes into account a mixed network environment that will include mobility, security, multi-vendor/legacy equipment and video. This identifies any network faults that may compromise performance and recommends measures to ensure the network is properly configured and optimised to support high quality video. Typically the assessment can address:

  • Type of network
  • Firewalls in-line with video conferencing
  • Bandwidth and utilisation
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • LAN/LVAN speed/duplex

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