Veritas Technologies Delivers Next Generation of NetBackup Appliance Including Data Protection and Visibility

shutterstock_382458778NetBackup 5240 Appliance Adds Information Map to Cut CAPEX and Illuminate Dark Data Challenges

Mountain View, CA – July 12, 2016 – Veritas Technologies, the leader in information management, today announces the next-generation of its NetBackup 5200-series Integrated Appliances with data visibility.

Together NetBackup 5240 and Information Map are the first solution to integrate data protection and data visibility map,addressing enterprise challenges managing unclassified, dark data. NetBackup 5240 is the latest in the popular family of Veritas appliances seeing unprecedented growth in the last six years.

As organizations struggle to balance the exponential increase in data growth, delivering protection with integrated visibility is critical to reducing risk and bottom-line costs. Only with integrated data visibility can ‘target rich’ and risky information be identified in the 41 percent of data that on average goes untouched for 3 or more years. A free trial of Information Map with NetBackup 5240 allows businesses to quickly and simply identify opportunities to optimize information storage and reduce information risk in as little as 24 hours. Previous versions of NetBackup 5200-series Appliances are also compatible with Information Map, ensuring that all existing customers can benefit from the product, which provides an immersive visual experience to gain insight into an organization’s unstructured information.

The new NetBackup 5240 Appliance provides a wealth of new industry leading capabilities for modern data protection across virtual, cloud and physical environments including:

  • Leadingscalability with data growth –expandable capacity to 201 TB, 36 percent greater capacity and 100 percent greater density per rack unit than the previous generation, drastically reducing CAPEX.
  • Optimized backup performance – 30 to 50 percent increase1 delivering shorter RPO and RTO.
  • High energyefficiency – ENERGY STAR© compliance providing a greener footprint.
  • Flexible deployment options – choose to deploy as a master server, media server or a combination of the two.

“Data growth continues unabated, driven by digitalization of business. And it continues to fragment as organizations diversify their infrastructure across cloud, virtual and physical environments, increasing protection and visibility challenges,” said Scott Anderson, Senior Vice President of Information Protection Solutions at Veritas Technologies. “Data protection of course remains of paramount importance but is not sufficient by itself in these increasingly complex IT environments. That’s why we’re innovating and delivering a most forward thinking backup solution to our customers — the first step to incorporate integrated data protection with visibility.”

To empower Veritas Technologies channel partners, Veritas is also announcing a promotional program to encourage our mutual customers to refresh their existing data protection infrastructure with the NetBackup 5240 Appliance.

Learn more about Veritas Technologies backup appliances here.

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