Kensington Twelve into One Charging Cabinet is Perfect for Schools, Healthcare and Public Sector

Charging CabinetMost charging cabinets for laptops have been bulky (and somewhat expensive) as they needed a massive power pack on the back of the unit. For the same reason, they have also tended to be specific to a certain brand or brands. Now Kensington has come up with a simple but ingenuous solution; a charging case that allows you to put the laptop’s own charging unit into the cabinet with the laptop.

The AC12 Security Charging Cabinet will take 12 laptops of up to 14-inches screen size. The lack of the built-in power unit means that it is lighter (and cheaper) too, but it comes with wheels so it is easy to move around even with the laptops inside. This is ideal for schools, hospitals or other public sector customers looking for flexible, secure ways to charge up a mixture of devices overnight. There is also a specific and much smaller version for tablets.

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