HP Acquires Aruba Networks

Creates an Industry Leader in Mobile Connectivity

On March 2, 2015, HP announced a definitive agreement to acquire Aruba Networks.

The deal combines Aruba’s leadership in wireless mobility solutions with HP’s strength in wired switching.

As a result, we can enable and accelerate your transition to a converged campus network – helping you reap the benefits of the cloud more quickly.

Why is a converged campus network needed? Legacy WLANs were designed for 1 device per every 3 users. Now its 3 devices per user and that’s not likely to stop.

Networks will have to support those additional billions of connected devices which are running and accessing trillions of applications. Legacy networks can’t handle that.

The Benefits

  • Deliver network services up to 83% faster meeting users’ demand and outpacing your competitors
  • Achieve a safe transformation to a future-ready network that enables business outcomes
  • Redefines network economics with a TCO that’s 42% lower while delivering high quality of service

If you are currently deploying solutions from either company, we encourage you to continue doing so. We both have strong portfolios and you will continue to be supported.

This move makes us stronger and better able to meet your needs today and in the future.

With the combination of Aruba Networks with HP Networking solutions, you can right-size your fixed network infrastructure, which saves IT time, slashes capital costs and accelerates the delivery of network services.

Learn more in the press release »

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