Celebrating 5 years of AMD Ryzen™ Processors

Celebrating a history of more performance, more innovation, more choice. More to come.

The speed and power of AMD Ryzen™ processors ushered in a new era of desktop performance, delivering generations of unrivaled architecture and a robust PC ecosystem. AMD Ryzen processors continue to break boundaries in innovation for gamers and content creators worldwide.


Through our collective efforts, SCC and AMD ensure every base is covered when our customers come to us for technology and support. A combination of dedicated account management, field application engineers, and executives aligned to the goals of the end-user means that customers can trust us to deliver the help they need in a fast-changing world of work.

Join John Taylor, AMD Chief Marketing Officer, and Robert Hallock, Director of Technical Marketing, as they reflect on how AMD Ryzen processors have repeatedly shocked the industry with its power and performance, as well as look ahead at what the future brings for these powerhouse processors.


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