You’ll always know where your data is, and which country’s data protection laws it is covered by, as we always keep your data here in the UK.

Makes traceability and auditing a lot easier!

Our data centre also uses the latest environmentally intelligent technologies.

  • As cooling represents 45-50% of energy a data centre consumes, we take advantage of the British climate and use the weather to chill the water used in our cooling systems, providing “free cooling”
  • Variable refrigeration flow (VRF) air conditioning is an advanced cooling technology that allows us to independently cool each data room, minimising heat loss and creating energy savings of up to 30% over conventional systems
  • Lighting features utilise Smart Control technology that automatically controls lighting dependant of physical movement
  • Automatic floor pressurisation system (AFPS) ensures energy consumption is maintained at the lowest possible rate at all times whilst guaranteeing airflow levels

We offer a choice of network carriers and diverse cable routing to provide flexibility and resilience. Our data centre is a Virgin Media point of interconnection giving almost unlimited capabilities for the provision of WAN and Internet services.

We are connected to dedicated public sector networks like GSE & PSN, not just the Internet, so you can have confidence in your data’s transmission.

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