Post 2 - Software Licensing ChallengesIt’s uncommon for organisations to have an accurate figure on the amount of software licences they own. In most cases, businesses have too many, too few and too many contracts from multiple suppliers to really know either way.

This raises a series of challenges, such as:

Too many suppliers – It’s normal to procure software from a wide range of partners, manufacturers, software licensing companies, channel resellers, IT services providers, and more. But this makes it difficult to accurately manage contracts and associated licenses.

Renewals management – Without efficient management of the licenses you own, it’s impossible to know what is available, what’s needed, and when licenses are up for renewal.

Compliance – In most cases, there is a notable margin for error when it comes to compliant software implementation and deployment. It’s normal – but that doesn’t stop you being subject to flash auditing and in danger of receiving huge fines for not having the correct licenses in place.

Software Smart Buying is designed to assist with this, giving you full visibility and control over your licencing estate, with the following benefits:

Simplicity – A one-time or recurring service, you can quickly get an accurate view of the licences you own.

Better insight – You’ll see the bigger picture of your software estate, with full visibility.

Automation – The first step to a fully managed Software Smart Buying Solution, alongside other elements of the Software Smart Buying Solution allows you to automate processes.

You likely need this service if you’re unable to follow these questions:

  • What is your SAM strategy?
  • How many software licenses does your business own, to the nearest 1,000?
  • Who in your business manages software procurement?
  • Do you have clear visibility of ad hoc software purchases by other teams?


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Next week: How to Discover Usage and Optimise Software License Expenditure

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