The new partnership agreement between SCC and the National Trust has been agreed for the next five years and will see SCC acting as strategic partner for the charity, leading IT service delivery and support for its employees and over 70,000 seasonal volunteers across the National Trust’s 360 properties.

Sarah Flannigan, CIO at the National Trust said the new deal further strengthened the relationship between the two organisations.

“We are delighted to be continuing our partnership with SCC but this is far more than simply a contract extension – it is a considerable step-up for SCC which will re-define how closely the two organisations work together.

“High quality IT support is essential so that our staff and volunteers can work efficiently and have dedicated personnel on hand who understand our needs and can answer queries and problems in a concise way but without speaking IT jargon.

“SCC has proved it is prepared to make significant changes to meet our needs and to really embed itself in our organisation, and it has employed a dedicated, experienced team to focus solely on our contract.

“Its support is underlined by the opening of the National Trust Service Desk which is fully branded and manned by staff who are trained in the values and ethos of our charity as well as being experienced in ServiceNow, the IT service management software.”

Having adopted a partnership service, the Trust needed a strong partner capable of working across every aspect of the IT function. Delivering cost savings, improved user outcomes and IT sustainability, SCC will direct a flexible IT strategy that focuses on customer service, communication, integration across departmental processes and utilises effective workflow engines across local and national projects.

From within the fully-branded National Trust Service Desk at SCC’s National Service Centre in Birmingham, SCC staff will provide out of office support for the charity seven days a week having undergone a comprehensive training programme to ‘embrace’ the National Trust culture.

James Rigby, Chief Executive of SCC said the team was fully committed to providing outstanding customer service to the National Trust.

“We have signed a five-year contract with the option of extending it for a further two years following a competitive bid process,” he said.

“As part of dovetailing with the National Trust’s own practices, we are introducing ServiceNow to ensure we continue working in an innovative and efficient way.

“Our engineering workforce also has an important role to play and we have formed a regular team of 30 National Trust Champion Engineers who wear dual-branded uniforms when they visit properties to be the front-line service of their colleagues on the Service Desk as well as forming customer relationships.

“To mark the opening of the National Trust Service Desk, we are planting an oak tree which is part of the charity’s logo at our UK headquarters in Birmingham to underline the commitment to our partnership and our collaborative working.”

Birmingham-based SCC – part of Rigby Group plc – has been working with the National Trust, which is Europe’s largest conservation charity, for the last ten years.

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