SCC has unveiled plans to assist customers in defining and implementing strategies designed to maximise returns and minimise costs when determining policies around client device operating systems.

Responding to the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 8, Europe’s largest independent technology solutions provider believes that an increasingly crowded marketplace is creating demand for services dedicated to helping determine a direction of travel for clients confused by the variety of available options. The company notes that the proliferating range of operating systems, device types and form factors on offer have led to an increasing number of customers seeking impartial advice to help identify the most systems most appropriate to their individual user bases and service deliverables.

“The last five years have seen a range of developments which, while welcome, have created something of a fog for organisations looking to map out coherent ICT strategies. While for decades the only real question facing them was when to implement the latest version of Windows, the advent of new options like Android and iOS has made that decision far more complex,” said SCC’s Vendor Alliances Director Andy Wright.

“With touch screen PCs, tablets and smart phones fast becoming a standard fixture of the modern working environment, there is no longer a singular correct answer to the conundrum off which operating systems to implement, and our experience shows that customers increasingly need help and guidance to address the many questions and criteria that go into making such a decision.”

The announcement follows widespread industry debate on the future of ICT infrastructure sparked by the release of the Windows 8 OS. Aimed largely at the market for touch-enabled devices, the software creates a fresh option for enterprises looking to introduce tablets and phones that more readily comply with corporate security policies and existing applications.

SCC’s Solutions Architect Manager, Desktop & Collaboration, Piers Covill added: “Choice is a great thing, driving innovation and creating new opportunities, and the launch of Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows RT can only accelerate that change. These options mean that organisations need to be ready for a mixture of OS types, and organisations need proven, independent advice to help determine the solutions that are right for them. With 35 years of experience working in the client device market and rolling out successive operating systems, SCC is in an ideal place to offer clear, independent advice to help companies reduce the decision making process, choose the best options for their staff and ultimately reduce their speed to market.”

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