Software Asset Management

Picture it: you’ve managed to get a £150k investment from your executive board for a fancy new Software Asset Management (SAM) tool that’s going to save your business lots and lots of money. But two months later, you’re still trying to overcome the challenges of implementing and integrating the tool and you’re being asked how it’s working. The answer should be: “It isn’t.”, but taking that message back to the board who have some pretty high expectations can be a little hard to take.

Here lies a general underestimation of the extended complexity of making external SAM tools work – and by now you’ve had to spend even more money on expensive technical consultancy to try and make the most out of the investment. But even with that the business objectives are still missed or, at the very least, compromised.

This may sound like a hypothetical nightmare but, if you look at 75% of the market, particularly in public sector, it’s happening every single day. That’s why you don’t need a tool. We’ve learned that a successful SAM solution is more than a tool – it’s an outcome. And key to a successful outcome is experiences, knowledgeable and technically capable people. Few businesses have these people in-house.

The first step to optimising your software estate is a SAM maturity assessment. This isn’t a tool, nor a service, but an understanding of your current state versus your business objectives. Knowing what you need to do next enables you to pre-empt nasty surprises. When you don’t have insight, you’re permanently at risk.

Very simply, SAM is all about risk aversion. A SAM maturity assessment provides a blueprint around where to go next in your software journey to mitigate risk based on current state. And that knowledge means you won’t open yourself up to millions of pounds worth of nightmare by accidentally deploying volumes of software licenses without meaning to.

With a skilled external SAM provider, you take ownership of managing compliance. You retain overall responsibility while expert consultants ensure that you are as clean you can be. But how do you know when there’s a problem? Simple: you don’t. That’s part of the problem. But if you think you may have a problem, you can be sure others think it too. And if you are about to kick start business change – divesting or acquiring, for example – you need to make sure you’re protected.

Risk aversion isn’t the only reason for efficient SAM. There are lots of compelling reasons to explore your usage vs. entitlement – not least of all the probability that you will save a substantial amount of money. In all likelihood, you’ll recoup your initial SAM investment, provided you invest in people, not tools.

Take SCC, for example: we are the consultants and the tailoring. We’re not a tool – and we would never recommend buying off-the shelf – but we know how to make the right tools work. And we can help you understand and realise goals around digital transformation by being smarter with software.

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