SCC’s latest Cloud services will ‘transform the way the public sector works’, following its successful inclusion on the G-Cloud 6 Framework.

Europe’s principal IT services business has been included on every iteration of the G-Cloud Framework since its inception; with its latest secure Cloud services a natural progression of previous offerings.

Additional services now available include Hosted Desktop, Lync, Mobile Device Management for Apple iOS, Remote Access as a Service, Encrypted Mail and Accredited Safe Haven (ASH), each hosted on Sentinel by SCC.

Sentinel by SCC, underpinned by Cyber Essentials, not only provides faster IT implementation but also keeps data to Government-approved security standards.

It is the most established and cost-effective Cloud solution; the first Pan-Government Accredited platform of its kind, supporting a number of major public sector organisations, including: Civil Aviation Authority, HM Passport Office, Highways England, North Yorkshire and Humber CSU and Mersey Care NHS Trust.

SCC’s G-Cloud 6 services are focused on two principal areas key to the transformation of public sector working: operational efficiency and back office support.

Aligned to the Government’s digital transformation strategy, SCC supports public sector organisations achieve operational efficiency, with a clear focus on end user ability to access data securely, from anywhere, on any device.

With additional back office support – including Database as a Service – SCC also helps British SME software vendors transact with Government as a hosting partner, providing its Sentinel by SCC platform.

Among the SMEs that SCC has supported to access the G-Cloud Framework are: Alliantist, Becrypt, Blackthorn, IIZUKA and NQC Ltd.

Kelvin Ayre, Practice Manager for Sentinel by SCC, said of SCC’s inclusion on the G-Cloud 6 Framework: “This is the sixth successive iteration of G-Cloud that SCC has been included on and we’re delighted to be offering an extended service that will transform the way the public sector works.

“We are aligned to the Government’s digital transformation strategy and are partnering with digital leaders to provide key Cloud services focused on operational efficiency and secure, remote access.

“Government as a Platform – moving Government to a common technology platform – is focused on the user and will enable the delivery of better and simpler services.

“SCC’s additional value, utilising our unique Sentinel by SCC platform, is in providing complementary services where specific organisations have decoupled infrastructure and application layers. These services include inter-domain gateway and enterprise integration Platform as a Service.”


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