Secure PrintA recent study* into data security identified that 70% of organisations have experienced one or more accidental data breaches as a result of printing. This is particularly prevalent within the public sector, where a staggering 90% of people questioned admitted to experiencing a print-related data breach.

Whilst digital technology is transforming the way we do business, the printed document still plays an integral role in everyday business. More and more, businesses are implementing unsecured mobile printing solutions. Despite being an effective solution with many benefits, this has been known to result in confidential data being left in output trays, allowing anyone who may walk past access to potentially private data.

An effective way of dealing with this problem is by introducing a ‘pull-printing’, or secure job release solution. This requires users to go to the printer and enter their secure identification credentials or personal swipe card before a document is released, ensuring that it doesn’t get in to the wrong hands. By doing so, organisations find that they can still have the flexibility and efficiency of mobile printing, without having to worry about the security of what is being published.

Another key challenge lies in the security of the print network. In the event that the network becomes compromised, data stored on the hard disks and in print queues may be targeted, particularly as these are often overlooked areas with little protection.

Secure solutions are available; with companies such as M2 offering secure Print-as-a-Service (Paas). M2 uses SCC’s secure Sentinel Cloud platform to deliver a scalable and agile solution within a pre-approved security framework, available to commercial organisations and government bodies via the G-Cloud platform. M2’s PaaS provides a pay-as-you-go IT model, which removes supplier lock-in, allowing public bodies to grow or release resources with price predictability and high SLA’s, making it a good choice for cost-sensitive environments.

Having an effective managed print solution in place not only increases security, but also helps achieve value for money by reducing the cost per copy, supporting productivity through increased print flexibility and capability and also helping  the environment by reducing the amount of paper used.

Benefits of Managed Print Services:

  • Cost savings – Reducing the cost of the printed page;
  • Secure print – offering document security and control over colour print;
  • Flexible printing – proving short-term rentals and device flexibility;
  • Productivity – integrated document workflow solutions supporting scanning and archiving;
  • Environmental – lower power consumption and reducing waste;
  • Accurate billing – to allow for re-charging and project alignment.

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*Research and data taken from Quocirca

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