HorizonsPic2V2Construction projects are high risk by nature. They carry an enormous financial burden, and often face unusual logistical challenges.

Underestimating the risks associated with complex building projects can lead to poor financial management, often due to constraints with collaboration, communication and security.

High profile project delivery delays can negatively impact client confidence and profitability, more so than before, as many commercial and public sector clients have introduced financial penalties for missed deadlines.

There can also be skill shortages, which can make the task at hand even more difficult and complex, especially when combined with increased competition for land itself.

The approach to IT can help prevent profits being eaten away by practical issues. Delays in receiving drawings, the use of out-dated information and poor availability of current information are common examples.

Risks like these are exacerbated with global projects, for example where an architect in New York may need to liaise with a London-based construction company that uses contractors across Europe to build a new hotel in the Arab Emirates.

So how can technology help?

Collaboration can help fill in skill gaps in a team, by enabling co-operation across the business and beyond. Technology is a great way of supporting collaboration, by connecting people and providing simple and effective ways of sharing content while mobile.

Communication supports collaboration, but more importantly ensures that you and your colleagues are armed with the latest information, ensuring that the work you do is as accurate as possible, circumventing costly mistakes.

Security is naturally one of the most important factors when working on a mobile site. I’ll go into more detail on this on a later post dedicated to data and site security, but there are many, many ways technology can be used to protect your assets from alarms, to virtual security.
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