HorizonsPic7While collaboration and information sharing increasingly takes a digital format assisted by document workflow solutions the printed document is still an integral part of the workflow in construction.

This may be at the bid and tender stage, standard office documents or indeed on-site printing work plans facilitating jobs being completed on the ground.

In a cost sensitive environment managed print services are about reducing cost, ensuring document security and improving productivity while offering flexibility reflecting the dynamic changes and often the short-term requirements of construction.

Benefits of Managed Print Services:

  • Cost savings – Reducing the cost of the printed page;
  • Secure print – offering document security and control over colour print;
  • Flexible printing – proving short-term rentals and device flexibility for site requirements;
  • Productivity – integrated document workflow solutions supporting scanning and archiving;
  • Environmental – lower power consumption and reducing waste;
  • Accurate billing – to allow for re-charging and project alignment.

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