Post 3 - How to Discover Usage and Optimise Software License ExpenditureThe future’s here and you’re either doing, planning or avoiding mobile working – either way it’s happening. With it comes even greater challenges in the management of software being deployed to laptops, desktops and mobile devices.

As the digital workplace becomes wider and more complex, it becomes increasingly difficult to track your software portfolio in desktop and mobile environments. SCC’s Software Smart Buying Usage Discovery service identifies software installed and used across your entire IT estate.

In a large business with multiple environments and an unclear SAM strategy, it’s unlikely that you are optimising available licenses or expenditure. SCC’s Usage Discovery service is able to track active licenses in even the most complex IT infrastructures.

Software Usage Discovery

Software Usage Discovery by SCC eradicates over, or under-licensed software, ensuring compliance and optimised costs. It provides insight by enabling accurate visibility over the active licenses used across your IT infrastructure, regardless of device type or environment.

Gaining visibility and effectively managing your software estate provides improved data security, software maintenance and efficiency.

Smart buying enables strategic decisions around the procurement of software and allows business owners to take control of negotiating deals with multiple suppliers, armed with accurate licensing statistics.

If you do not have answers for some of these standard questions, you need SCC’s Software Smart Buying Usage Discovery Service:

  • What is your SAM strategy?
  • How many software licenses does your business own, to the nearest 1,000?
  • Who in your business manages software procurement?
  • Do you have clear visibility of ad hoc software purchases by other teams?
  • What licenses have you deployed?
  • How do you stay on top of license entitlements across each of your suppliers?


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