It’s important to have visibility over the licenses you own and the software you’ve deployed – reconciling these assets enables you to identify where you are over or under-licensed. Doing this gives you control, compliancy and cost savings.

Software reconciliation does have challenges however; as the complexity doesn’t end once software licenses are identified. Many licensing terms and conditions are extensive and detailed, with restrictions on use and formal deployment guidelines.

In most cases, there is a notable margin for error when it comes to compliant software implementation and deployment. It’s normal, but that doesn’t stop you being subject to flash auditing and in danger of receiving huge fines for not having the correct licenses in place.

It is commonplace for entitlement and usage data to be wildly inaccurate, making reconciliation near enough impossible. With no accurate data, accurate reconciliation is too complex a process for most businesses.

Software Smart Buying Reconciliation by SCC takes the information from both the Entitlement and Usage Discovery services to optimise your software license estate.

You probably asset tag hardware and have a good grasp of your hardware estate. Reconciliation is the software equivalent.

Smart buying enables strategic decisions around the procurement of software and allows you to take control of negotiating deals with multiple suppliers, armed with accurate licensing statistics. This also eliminates the risks associated with licensing, by giving you take control and arming you with accurate data and visibility to properly assess the situation.

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