Underneath the more general issues, there is a technology sub-text. Digital 3D design is becoming increasingly popular, as well as a process known as Building Information Modelling (BIM).

This is the creation and use of co-ordinated, consistent, computable information about a building project in design held in a single 3D digital model.

The challenge is making this data accessible to 3rd parties, whilst ensuring the right levels of security and considering the need for current data.

The kind of data being shared is often of a highly sensitive nature, so controlled access is essential, but the old perimeter security approach that locks everything down does not serve the need very well.

A mature and modern approach to IT security is therefore essential if we are to enable collaboration without increasing the risk profile, taking into consideration such things as Identity management and the impact of personal devices should be part of the standard language of the model that supports a working environment where collaboration is such an important part of the mix.

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