A large proportion of engineering and construction companies report being the victim of serious economic crimes.

Despite some regarding theft of assets as an accepted risk of doing business, regulators are taking a hard line on companies who turn a blind eye to these activities. Companies should also be conscious of the impact this can have on their reputation and ultimately their share price.

IT can assist in the creation of a secure and modern data loss prevention program. We can examine the entire challenge, also known as the risk surface, the total exposure that an organisation has to a security breach and fraud: one that ensures that the right people are accessing information, however dynamic that information is.

The ability to look at Identity and to rethink how we ascertain who someone is, even if they use multiple devices or are a contractor or supplier. Managing what someone is able to do, depending on who it is, where they are and what they are asking for is the modern standard for information dissemination.

We can help you understand how this approach can deliver a smooth and seamless user experience, immersive on demand collaboration whilst ensuring that your data stays out of harm’s way.


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