Post 4 - Gain Control and Simplify Management of Your Software EstateIt’s safe to assume that software and licensing are pretty low on your everyday agenda, but when business don’t know how much money they are wasting, they don’t count it as a loss – unlike a fine for non-compliancy, which could be just around the corner.

This can be complex, and it’s not uncommon for businesses to employ somebody to manage software licensing, only for that person to drown in a multitude of varying, complex licensing models.

Even if you think you’ve got it under control, accurate management can only be achieved with accurate data around software entitlement.

Organisational siloes are another concern. Who procures software in your business? How many departments procure ad hoc? How much shadow software is lurking in your business? These are all important questions that often can’t be answered.

SCC’s Software Smart Buying Management service puts you back in control. By implementing and managing a proactive approach to licence contract and renewals, SCC enables you to focus on your day-to-day business, with no risk, and an accurate view of your active and expiring licenses. SCC’s licensing experts will save you money, keep you in control, eradicate risk and help you operate more efficiently.


Benefits of Software Smart Buying:


Our licensing experts will keep you compliant and ensure you avoid any nasty surprises.


You’ll be in control of license expiry and renewals, meaning no interruptions to business as usual.


Identify licenses that are going unused and consolidate your software estate accordingly.

Smart Buying

Enable strategic decisions around the procurement of software and take control of negotiating deals with multiple suppliers, armed with accurate licensing statistics.


Free up resource, management and time to concentrate on business-critical activities without distraction

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