Creating an environment where people can deliver more value to the business and save costs provides tangible, bottom line benefits.

This is not about technology alone, it is about the deployment of several key towers, including applications, collaboration tools and security. These enable the technology to be used in a practical way, reducing collaboration workload and complexity.

SCC’s view of modern working has a broader focus on role-based need rather than a one size fits all approach which
does not consider the value such an implementation brings to the table. This is the basis of the Digital Workplace solution by SCC.

Some benefits of Collaboration and Information Sharing include:

  • Cost savings – resulting from: less travel, time, phone calls, lines, infrastructure and administration;
  • Facilities reduction – potential to reduce fixed overheads relating to office space by 30-50%;
  • Business efficiencies – quicker response to sales or customer needs, improved customer/patient contact time and improved customer service;
  • Protecting Intellectual Property – while maintaining flexibility and accessibility;
  • HR – benefit from happier, more engaged employees; reduced staff turnover and sickness absence; decreased training overheads and increased knowledge retention;
  • Environmental – reduced carbon footprint and emissions;
  • Social – more diverse workforce potential, (single parents, teleworkers, maternity/paternity);
  • Cultural – flowing ideas, reduced time to market, increased innovation;
  • Innovative – increased marketing/brand awareness, embedded social media and customer interaction.

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