Rhys Sharp, SCC Public Sector CTO at SCC, is set to tell an audience of public sector leaders that a combination of Cloud technology and innovative SME solutions is poised to solve some of the greatest challenges facing civil servants working within a multi agency environment.

Speaking at the Think G-Cloud event in London today (Tuesday June 18), Sharp will tell the audience of CIO’s, strategists and senior executives that G-Cloud has enabled a fresh generation of agile young companies to create a range of innovative new solutions for government. Citing examples from SCC’s experience, he will demonstrate how the technology holds the potential to fundamentally change the way that public sector organisations share information and collaborate.

“We are at a key breakthrough point in G-Cloud’s development. With the framework now transitioning to become part of the Government Digital Service (GDS), we are poised to begin seeing the impact of some of the very tangible benefits the technology can deliver,” said Sharp.

“One of the first and most significant of these will be its impact on cross agency collaboration. With Cloud and the Public Sector Network both operating under the same roof we are edging closer to being able to form a single, unified view of the citizen, enabling multiple agencies to work together in a joined-up, integrated manner that will not only provide better outcomes, but will also drive cost efficiencies.”

Joining a speaker lineup that includes former G-Cloud Programme Director and Home Office CTO Denise McDonagh, Sharp will draw upon a range of examples to demonstrate how the complex workload handled by many government departments can be both simplified and improved by the application of Cloud technology.

He will demonstrate how SCC worked with IIZUKA to provide the UK Pensions Ombudsman with a secure Cloud-based Case Management system via its OptimiseCloud™ service. Designed to deliver a central reference point for individual complaints to the government-appointed regulator, the independent software vendor’s system both co-ordinates internal activities and provides external users with an information portal through which to track the progress of individual cases.

Running on an infrastructure provided by SCC’s IL2 and IL3 accredited Secure Multi-Tenanted Cloud platform, the service employs a flexible modular approach that has allowed it to be tailored to meet the specific business requirements of the Pensions Ombudsman’s Office.

“Across the country, every day public sector organisations deal with cases and citizen problems that could involve any one of a multitude of agencies including housing, education, social work, probation and social services. As matters stand they are seldom made aware of the crossover, but with the advent of secure, IL3 rated information sharing, they are now in a position where true collaboration and partnership can become a working reality.

“This is a watershed moment in the development of government computing. The advent of G-Cloud means that new solutions can be accredited once and then used by multiple agencies – radically reducing deployment time – in an environment not constrained by the legacy systems of old. Breaking down the traditional IA barriers to collaboration, in time open data standards will improve the public sector’s ability to make data driven, better informed decisions.”

The Think G-Cloud 2013 event is at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London on Tuesday 18th June. For more info visit: http://thinkgcloud.com/

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