ConvergedIn recent years you’ve probably heard a lot about Converged Infrastructure (CI), but first of all, what exactly is it and can it benefit you?

Put simply, CI consolidates your IT infrastructure, reducing the cost and complexity of deploying individual components. This allows you to easily integrate new components from any source into your infrastructure, providing they have been designed with modern, industry standard features.

Any organisation which suffers from a disparate infrastructure will see the most benefit from CI. These businesses usually find their IT teams feel they are constantly firefighting, patching parts of the infrastructure only to find their actions have had unexpected effects on other areas of the network.

By simplifying the infrastructure, management overheads are reduced and IT teams are free to spend their time focusing on other priorities and business objectives which add value to the business.

Converged Infrastructure and a Converged Solution are easily confused. The key difference between the two is that CI brings the compute, network and storage together into a single stack, whereas the Converged Solution transforms this from a big lump of tin by adding a software layer, making it easier to manage and consume.

By adding a Converged Solution, you will be able to automate processes, allowing users to self-serve. By setting up an approval process, IT requests can be set up in minutes, as opposed to days. Converged is also a good choice for organisations that are looking to become more flexible and agile, as it allows data centre capacity to be adjusted quickly in response with demand.

A converged stack will allow the simplicity of a hardware stack, where all elements are programmed to work together, but a Converged Solution will add an orchestration layer, taking it one step further.

One of the lesser known benefits of converged infrastructure is that it makes it much easier to implement private cloud solutions, should the organisations wish to at any point in the future. It also breaks down siloes within IT teams, resulting in a reduced need for IT resources and a greater level of collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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