During a recent workshop with IT heads from across all areas of the Public Sector, a key theme they highlighted were the cultural and behavioural barriers that stood in the way of change in their area.

Just over a quarter of attendees were greatly concerned over their ability to “move the organisation” as quickly as was required, and the need to manage expectations. “The old world versus the new world can be a block to progress,” said one. “How do you cope with people not wanting to be agile?!” said another.

Almost a third advised colleagues to “engage early” with stakeholders during the process and to “make sure that everyone is on board from the start”. Other advice included managing expectations through clarifying roles and responsibilities early on, and endeavouring to “create joint ownership” of the project across the team.

They also identified a need to accurately assess the organisation’s appetite for risk as part of crafting a strategy for moving to the cloud, and recommended that it develops a firm grasp of the factors, and the potential reputational damage, and works these through with potential suppliers.


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