Cloud Computing Is A Huge Game Changer For The Public Sector

Already many analysts are predicting Cloud to be a huge public sector game changer as it is already changing organisations’ software implementation models and the delivery of services to the citizen. Cloud is bringing new ways of thinking and new opportunities to organisations, which is why you should be asking yourself “Is my organisation ready for cloud?”

We know that the current cost reduction drive by the Government is not going away soon, so is there a way you can grasp the nettle and take on the long-term challenge of reducing cost whilst giving the citizen better more relevant services? Well with Cloud there is the opportunity to get closer to citizen then ever before and have the control to reduce costs at the same time.

Cloud Is A Revolution

In truth, the question “Am I ready for Cloud?” is not really a deviation from the questions asked about the traditional use of infrastructure. “Am I ready for virtualisation?” would be a traditional question. And in fact, both answers involve a similar set of sub-questions and processes. However, traditional infrastructure transformation is considered an evolution as it is confined to existing infrastructures; Cloud is a revolution as it is creating or consuming something new. Importantly, Cloud drives organisational change not just IT change.

You Will Need A Roadmap

As a maturing technology, not all solutions will be appropriate. Certain solutions may not be mature enough to render them as effective and robust enough for implementation and other solutions may have the maturity but why replace something that exists and is perfectly functional? Cloud for cloud sake is not a good thing. A roadmap is required.

In order to fully understand if an organisation is ready to move to cloud, the organisation must undertake due diligence on both themselves and the market. This will enable them to map the systems that underpin their business, the stage in which the systems are at within their lifecycle, and the maturity of the market for that system. By doing so, a picture can be established that helps the organisation to understand which systems could be delivered by cloud and when the optimal time for transition would.

When Is A Good Time?

The ideal time to consider cloud is today so that you can align cloud when a significant change to a system is required in the future. This would usually be an upgrade to the system or the need to deploy additional functionality. As a company, SCC has a heritage in the transformation and delivery of traditional ICT Infrastructure. We have a proven history of helping organisations make decisions about how they should most effectively transform or deploy ICT solutions. Now, as a provider of cloud computing, we have the capability to provide the best possible advice.

In summary, the question “Am I ready for cloud?” will have a different answer for each organisation and each system within an organisation. It is important to understand the current position of your organisation and its future opportunities before joining the cloud revolution. Whilst cloud provides many positives, it should not be done for the sake of it and the move should always be considered carefully.

5 Top Reasons To Join Forces With The 1st Government Accredited Cloud Platform

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SCC is the first company to achieve Pan Government Accreditation for our G-Cloud Platform. We have invested £25 million in our awarding winning data centre that underpins this platform and are already implementing a number of IL3 solutions at significant cost savings due to our multi-tenanted platform.

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