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UK manufacturing is currently facing an unprecedented set of challenges.

The rising price of energy, net-zero targets, inflation, supply change issues and a reduction in overseas demand are challenging the profitability of the UK Manufacturing industry. On top of this, the sector must combat skill shortages and drive the adoption of digital technology.

What our customers say


The nature of our business demands a close attention to detail and achievement of deadlines plus a need for flexibility in the light of changing demands. SCC currently meet our expectations as a partner and provision the necessary assistance on a day to day basis. They also work with us on planning future operations and responses to the IT demands of the MBDA business.


Alan Wood
Information Management C S & I IT Operations Manager


SCC is our key partner on the supply of advice and product to house our critical ERP applications. As a retail business, these systems are at the very core of our business. For over a decade they have provided advice and guidance on our core IT platform to ensure that we can continue to provide the necessary functionality across our offices, breweries and over 1,500 pubs that are at the heart of many local communities. Their proactive approach and deep technical knowledge have ensured that they remain our key trusted advisor on IT products.


Head Of Technology Services

Your challenges

How to best utilise IT innovations such as AI, RPA, IoT to increase productivity and lower costs

How to address the human and technical barriers related to creating a sustainable and high-performing hybrid workplace

Attracting and retaining a skilled workforce with a labour shortage in the sector

Maintain operations as supply chains become increasingly complex with components becoming more expensive and difficult to source

Secure operations and data from cyber threats whilst supporting industry 4.0 innovations

How to adapt quickly and cost effectively to changes in legislation around goods importation and exportation

Our key Manufacturing solutions

To remain competitive, Manufacturers need to increase their speed to market, through the transformation of their legacy systems to cloud systems. This is a major undertaking which SCC are equipped to support. Our service approach takes Manufacturers methodically through a holistic review of their IT infrastructure to identify applications and the interconnecting workloads and to identify which workloads could potentially be moved onto a cloud environment and which need to be kept on-site. This Cloud Readiness Assessment service is a step towards building a hybrid cloud environment, both on-premise and using the cloud.

Our solution portfolio includes:

  • Colocation – Manufacturers can maximise the return on investment of current compute and storage infrastructure by hosting it in SCC’s UK based enterprise data centres.
  • SCC Hyperscale – SCC’s Hyperscale Service allows customers to seamlessly host applications and workloads from multiple public cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. The service provides ongoing management, support and optimisation of an organisation’s cloud environments.
  • Cloud+ – SCC’s secure multi-tenant cloud platform Cloud+ delivers a catalogue of cloud based compute and storage services based on a consumption model. This allows customers to host services in an enterprise data centre environment without large capital outlays.
  • Sentinel – Sentinel by SCC is an enterprise level, fully certified OFFICIAL/OFFICIAL SENSITIVE Community Cloud platform, built specifically for customers with high security needs.

The benefits

  • Transform business models rapidly whilst driving cost savings and creating greater productivity levels, ensuring a competitive edge is kept.
  • Increase the speed of markets by taking advantage of cloud technologies, enabling greater efficiency.
  • Manage applications through a hybrid network of on-premise and cloud services, modernising at a speed best fit for the manufacturer.
  • Consume cloud services rapidly and securely.

Remote working is creating entire new organisational structures for Manufacturers after the COVID-19 pandemic. As they are hit by skill shortages across all role types, Manufacturers are keen to offer first rate IT and support in recruitment. Future modern workplace solutions enable Manufacturers to provide end users with a seamless work from anywhere experience. Our user first approach will help Manufacturers evolve from a device-centric strategy to a user, security, data and applications focused modern workplace.

SCC will align people, process and technology to the following solution areas:

Collaboration and Communication

SCC are unique in our ability to discuss, consult, supply, deploy and support cross-discipline collaboration solutions, which are the cornerstone to sustained workplace productivity for Manufacturing.

Unified End-Point Management

A single administrative console allows IT teams to remotely manage devices including identity and access management, patch management, end-point experience monitoring and technology adoption requirements.

Application Modernisation

Application Modernisation is key to any transformational project. SCC can help Manufacturers understand their application estate, how these are used currently and how they can be upgraded. To support Manufacturers, SCC can remotely manage the upgrades of applications and can deliver containerisation services.

Technology Adoption

Our Technology Adoption team offers training, end user adoption and learning management services to maximise the benefit of investments in technology.

Service Desk

By blending modern technology with standards-based, proven service management practice, SCC’s multi-lingual service desk provides 24x7x365 support via telephone, email, virtual assistant, self service portals, chat and social media integration.

End User Support

Complimentary to the service desk, Manufacturers can deploy SCC’s flexible remote field services which include: Tech Bar, Smart Locker and IT Peripheral Vending Machines, Repair 365 and Technical Exchange.

The benefits

  • Maintain a competitive edge by advancing IT infrastructure.
  • Seamless collaboration from any location on any device.
  • Improved productivity and security with access to technology innovation.
  • Easy access to the support users require.

To remain competitive, Manufacturers need to become more agile and to drive cost savings. At a time when margins need to be protected, investing in IT equipment which rapidly becomes outdated is not high on the agenda of many companies despite the benefits.

SCC’s Payment Solutions allows Manufacturers to utilise the latest IT innovations by designing a payment profile which aligns their technology project requirements with their available budget, with a predictable monthly cost.

Anything “as a Service”

Manufacturers who are trapped by their legacy infrastructure can avoid sweating assets by using SCC’s ‘as a Service’ consumption model. The solution incorporates all the intrinsic steps in the lifecycle of an asset and provides them on a simple ‘cost per asset’ basis. It is tailorable to all asset types including End User Devices, Infrastructure, Storage, Print, Audio visual, Mobile and any associated services.

Device as a Service (DVaaS)

Our DVaaS solution encompasses the full lifecycle of IT asset procurement, including catalogue management and purchases, configuration, delivery, maintenance, support and decommissioning and recycling. This removes the burden of managing a complex IT estate and allows IT teams to focus on delivering against strategic business objectives.

Room as a Service

SCC Collaboration design, install, configure, test, provide training and deliver ongoing support for video conferencing enablement meet rooms via a monthly subscription.

Software Payment Agreement (SPA)

Many vendors offer multi-year discounts for software purchases, however they require companies to pay the whole cost up front. The SCC SPA solution allows Manufacturers to take advantage of these discounts, whilst continuing to pay for them on an annual basis.

The benefits

  • Build competitive advantage by aligning IT to business objectives.
  • Predictable monthly costs.
  • Regular technology refreshes ensuring the latest innovations are being utilised.
  • Free up cash for investment by shifting to a commodity pricing structure.
  • Support green objectives and circular economy.

As our world becomes increasingly connected, Manufacturers adopt technological innovations to streamline processes and create efficiency gains. The risk of targeted security attacks can occur at any time and are always evolving. Manufacturers must invest in advanced cyber security solutions to ensure operational compliance and to protect their proprietary data.

SCC helps Manufacturers develop a comprehensive security strategy that encompasses every stage of the security lifecycle. Our Managed SIEM service provides organisations access to best-in-class threat detection services, delivered by our dedicated and experienced operations team. It delivers a complete view of the visible and ‘invisible’ threats facing an entire organisation, reducing detection times and improving defence capabilities.

We collect, store and analyse security event data, consolidate log events and network data from customer devices, endpoints and applications distributed around the infrastructure. This data feeds into SCC’s enterprise class platform, where an advanced Sense Analytics engine normalises and correlates the data to identify anomalies, uncover advanced threats and remove false positives in real-time. The platform is managed from SCC’s Cyber Security Centre where a team of Security Analysts monitor incoming alerts and events. This team actively seeks to provide advice to customers on the best course of action following detection of a threat, with threat detection notifications delivered automatically to customers.

The benefits

  • Eliminate the complex workload of managing, storing and analysing security event data, SCC will manage the collection.
  • A market-leading advanced analytics engine providing real-time analytics of log data and network flows to identify malicious activity.
  • 24/7 proactive security event monitoring and alerting with Security Experts on hand in our Security Operations Centre to support customers.
  • Detailed event correlation and automatic prioritisation – supplying Manufacturers with proactive advice on the best resolution routes.
  • Be confident with SCC’s end-to-end security service reporting and service level agreements, ensuring Manufacturers meet their regulatory and security compliance requirements.

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