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Local authorities are on the front line of supporting communities and citizens who are facing a turbulent economic future.

This is exacerbated by Environmental Social Governance (ESG) challenges, tightening budgets and the need to react to ongoing changes to political structures. Technology is key to addressing these challenges, with modern IT innovations delivering greater efficiencies and enhanced productivity to workforces, enabling local authorities to do more with less while providing more personalised services to the citizens that they serve.

What our customers say

Your challenges

Address regional inequality and drive improvements in public services for all constituents

Harness technological innovations to break-down government silos and enhance collaboration between Agencies, Authorities, Organisations and Citizens

Deliver outstanding citizen centric services in a more constrained budgetary environment

Enhance protection of citizen data and improve cyber defence as services and systems become increasingly connected

Reduce the increasingly high costs of social care delivery against a backdrop of a growing, aging population

How to prioritise and champion ESG factors across all Government operations and procurement processes to deliver more sustainable citizen services

Our key Local Government solutions

Local government IT teams are faced with the need to manage hundreds of hybrid workers operating in different environments. With rising prices, unpredictable supply chains, the arrival of Windows 11 and workforces demanding hybrid working models, local government organisations need to consider carefully what kind of EUC service they need.

SCC’s EUC service gives local government organisations access to 1000’s of vendor partners and suppliers, as well as our massive stock holding and our fast configuration and delivery service. SCC can offer a one-stop-shop for our local government customers, alongside a number of add-on services.


All SCC quotations include full product and service details, including the specification of device, price and warranty. Quotations are defined by a unique quote reference and version control created in our centralised Customer Relationship Management system, meaning that once a customer is ready to proceed, models can quickly be sourced and supplied.

Storage and Configuration

Our National Distribution Centre, allows local authorities to bulk purchase equipment from manufacturers, store it in our secure facility, where it can then be configured and shipped either on a pre-agreed schedule or as required by the customer.


SCC’s eBusiness asset management system Lifecycle™ helps local government organisations to reduce the administrative and transactional cost of purchasing IT equipment via a pre-defined catalogue of products available to order by the end user.

The benefits

  • Improved access to technology with SCC Lifecycle™ streamlining the purchase and management of IT assets.
  • Successfully enable hybrid working arrangements which deliver against employee expectation.
  • Easy access to a bespoke catalogue of IT products.
  • Mitigate supply risks through SCC’s partnerships with 1000’s of major vendors and IT suppliers.

The challenges currently facing local government are severe, with budgetary pressures being exacerbated by the ever-changing expectations and needs of the citizens they service. Citizens expect a wider range of contact methods which utilise modern technology. Utilising a Contact Centre solution which integrates collaboration toolsets such as Microsoft Teams, can lead to rapid and more cost effective resolutions. SCC can support local authorities in the establishment of a future ready Contact Centre, from consulting through to full delivery and ongoing support services, for a number of solutions which integrate with Microsoft Teams.

SCC’s Contact Centre solution features include:

Contact Centre as a Service

Local authorities can create cost savings on the delivery of their Contact Centres by moving to an operating cost payment model. This removes the irregular costs of infrastructure purchases and software/application upgrades by delivering a fully managed, evergreen solution.

Multiple Contact Option

Our Contact Centre solution has omni-channel functionality, integrating social media, messaging applications and email to capture every media platform the citizen may be communicating through, to ensure all feedback and support issues are identified.

First Contact Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Utilising IVR simplifies the incoming caller experience, to ensure they are routed to the correct agent with as much pre-emptive knowledge as possible.

Artificial Intelligence

Our conversational virtual assistance utilises knowledge based articles and ongoing interaction learning to help provide a personalised self-service support option to local authority end users.

The benefits

  • SCC’s Contact Centre uses an Automatic Call distribution system with skill based routing to support faster responses.
  • Our solutions can integrate with the local authorities’ existing Customer Relationship Management services.
  • Improve access to frontline staff and managers to obtain expert knowledge when required to answer customer queries.
  • Cost-saving model ‘as a Service’ enables flexibility and reliable investment.

At a time when budgets need to be maximised, with pressures from the current economic and regulatory climate, local government organisations are being held back by legacy IT systems. While investing in IT equipment may not be high on the agenda for local government organisations, accessing and utilising the latest technologies is key to the success of long-term transformation.

SCC’s Payment Solutions allows local government authorities to utilise the latest IT innovations by designing a payment profile which aligns their technology project requirements with their available budget, with a predictable monthly cost.

Anything as a Service

Local government authorities that are currently trapped by their legacy infrastructure can avoid sweating assets by using SCC’s ‘as a Service’ consumption model. The solution incorporates all the intrinsic steps in the lifecycle of any IT asset and provides them on a simple ‘cost per asset’ basis.

Device as a Service (DVaaS)

Our DVaaS solution encompasses the full lifecycle of IT asset procurement including catalogue management and purchases, configuration, delivery, maintenance, support and decommissioning and recycling. This removes the burden of managing a complex IT estate and allows IT teams to focus on delivering against strategic local government objectives.

Room as a Service

SCC Collaboration design, install, configure, test, provide training and deliver ongoing support for video conferencing enablement meet rooms via a monthly subscription.

Software Payment Agreement (SPA)

Many vendors offer multi-year discounts for software purchases, however they require companies to pay the whole cost up front. The SCC SPA solution allows authorities to take advantage of these discounts whilst continuing to pay for them on an annual basis.

The benefits

  • Safeguard spending and take advantage of predictable monthly costs.
  • Regular technology refreshes ensuring the latest innovations are being utilised.
  • Cost savings to redirect for investment by shifting to a commodity pricing structure.
  • Contribute to sustainability objectives and circular economy through recycling of IT.

The government are restructuring and devolving their responsibility to local authorities for the funding of public services to their constituents. However, these new responsibilities come at a time where budgets are increasingly stretched, with the funding for local authorities falling 50% in the past 10 years.

Local Authorities need to transform their working practices to take advantage of modern innovations such as Robotic Process Automation which will allow them to automate workflows to drive better services to their constituents at a reduced cost.

Enterprise Service Management

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is a key part of a digital transformation programme and will enable local authorities to identify and automate workflows to release resource to more valuable tasks whilst improving the speed of service to employees and constituents. ESM utilises a set of supporting tools to connect all business functions within the authority, allowing them to improve performance, efficiency and service delivery.

SCC’s ESM solution makes it easier for employees or citizens to obtain support when they have a question or need assistance.

Service Management is the management of requests and actions around the provision of a Specific Business Service. A Business Service is the actual object that you are trying to provide, for example maybe: “Desktop Computers to the Business” or providing “Blue Parking Badges to people”. Each Business Service involves a request, which in turn involves a series of actions required to perform them. An ESM system will enable previously manual actions or responses to be automated, helping to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and provide a faster response to the user.

The benefits

  • Improve delivery of services and experience to constituents.
  • SCC’s Digital Automation Practice offer support to customers throughout the journey.
  • Reduce costs by taking advantage of the multiple applications of ESM and redirect funds into the organisation.
  • Embrace technology innovation with this intelligent AI system.

Since the pandemic it has become clear that there are multiple benefits to adopting a hybrid working model for local government organisations. Being able to reduce travel time and expenses, reduce carbon footprint and increase engagement with residents are key benefits encouraging the digital transformation of local government collaboration.

Councillors across the country are also clear such a model would also increase transparency and accountability, encouraging more residents to engage in local council business. With a hybrid model offering the best of both worlds, local government investments are being contributed to improving collaboration and communication systems. The challenge is how local government delivers the collaboration technology needed to shift against the pressure to reduce IT and facilities budgets.

Our Collaboration Services for local government include:

Intelligent Workplace

Intelligent workplace solutions empower employees and citizens to drive efficiency and productivity. Digital signage and video wall solutions can display service information to citizens in administrative service halls, lobbies and public walkways, allowing them to interact effectively with government offices.

As a Service Solutions

Accelerating collaboration strategies through consumption-based payment models designed to suit the government authorities’ budget and free up cash for investments. Our consumption services include:

  • Room as a Service – Designed, configured and installed in line with room requirements and then managed and refreshed as required.
  • Voice as a Service – Government organisations can benefit from migrating on-premise telephony estates to a cloud solution which is consumed as a service.

Technology Adoption

SCC can deliver bespoke training and development packages to accelerate adoption and productivity throughout the workforce.

The benefits

  • Utilise a modern unified communications strategy which is supported by an expert partner.
  • Cost savings and release funding to reinvest into improving services.
  • Enhanced security encryption to protect government data.
  • Support hybrid working with enhanced collaboration between employees and citizens.

Local Government Brochure

Smoothing the data pathway to our communities

SCC Local Government brochure

Explore how SCC can help overcome your challenges within Local Government.




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Available Public Sector Frameworks

Crown Commercial Service


Technology Products & Associated Services (TePaS)


Hardware, Software and Associated Services 

HealthTrust Europe (HTE)


ICT Solutions (second iteration)

ComIT 2

Single Lot Framework which enables buyers to buy any product or service via further competition or direct award.

NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS)


Digital Workplace Solutions

IT Solutions, Networking, Virtualisation and End User & Solutions Software

NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) 


Link: 3 IT Hardware and Services

IT Hardware and associated services

Crown Commercial Service


Artificial Intelligence DPS


Discovery and consultancy services related to artificial intelligence (AI), implementation and support of AI systems, end-to-end partnerships, and AI technologies in health and social care

Crown Commercial Service


Automation DPS


Intelligent automation services and solutions, including automation technologies, services, consultancy and licences.

Crown Commercial Service


Big Data & Analytics


This agreement is designed to support the creation of intelligent data and analytics functions across the UK public sector. SCC are on Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Software.

Crown Commercial Service


Digital Outcomes (DOS) 6


Outcome based Professional Services via Digital Marketplace

Crown Commercial Service


G-Cloud 13


SCC have a variety of services listed (Lots 1,2 & 3) for Cloud Services, Cyber Security, Unified Communications, Professional Services, Managed Print, Network Services, 4me, ServiceNow, Software Services

Crown Commercial Service


Multifunctional Devices (MFDs), Print and Digital Workflow Software Services and Managed Print Service Provision


Framework designed for Managed Print and Document Services

Crown Commercial Service


Network Services 2 


Audio Visual solutions via Lot 8

Crown Commercial Service


Postal Goods and Services


Document Services

Crown Commercial Service


Spark DPS 


Buy emerging technology products and services, including Internet of Things (IoT), AI and automation, simulated environments, wearables and new improvements in security.

Crown Commercial Service


Technology Online Purchasing Content


A dynamic catalogue for technology product needs (hardware and software)

Crown Commercial Service


Technology Services 3


Technology Strategy and design with support services.



Document Management Services

Document management solutions, including: scanning; storage and disposal of documents; the supply of software and consultancy services

KCS Procurement Services


Multi-Functional Devices & Digital Solutions


Provision of MFD and Document Solutions as well as several other SCC services such as Cloud, AV, Professional Services etc via Lot 2.

London Procurement Partnership (LPP) 


IT Services Framework 

Hardware, Software, Network, Cloud/Hosting, Deployment and support

NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS)


Cloud Solutions

Cloud solution design and consultancy

Scottish Government


Digital Technology Services 2.0 - Dynamic Purchasing System

The service is split into three lots:
Lot 1 – digital technology project
Lot 2 – digital technology resources
Lot 3 – cyber security services

Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO) 


Data Centre Solutions 


Framework covers datacentre build, management, maintenance, security and hosting of data and all the solutions around these areas.

Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO) 


IT Technology 


Includes the supply of ICT equipment and applications through to secure hardware asset destruction and ‘anything’ as a service 

Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO) 


Network Connectivity and Telecommunication Solutions 


Provision of goods, works and services covering network connectivity, smart cities and IOT, cyber security, telecommunication and mobile, voice and data solutions 

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