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Rigby Capital helps unlock the value in your business. Our finance services support your long-term IT strategy via a range of options suited to your budget.

The Challenge

Increasingly, the right technology strategy can result in the success or failure of a business. Spending on IT can account for a huge amount of your company’s budget, and it is often difficult to maximise a return on investment or even keep control over your estate.

Sourcing the most appropriate technology and relying on complex, resource-intensive procurement processes leaves organisations hamstrung by unpredictable outgoings and inconsistent commercial terms.

Pressure to reduce the cost of IT while keeping pace with the evolving technology landscape means it is critical you understand your existing asset estate and how to ensure the best return on future technology investments.

The Solution

Rigby Capital offers multiple financial options for your IT according to your specific requirements. This gives you the flexibility to scale, save and reduce value risk, with predictable costs for new technology. We help you realise the value of technology by protecting you from depreciating costs, releasing capital to invest in other growth areas and eliminate the uncertainty of disparate technology costs.

We offer three core finance services: Finance Lease, Operating Lease and Software Lease. The service you choose will depend on your circumstances, strategy, cash flow, working capital and other factors.

Finance Lease

Finance Lease enables all the benefits of ownership, with flexible, fixed payments spread over an agreed timescale. Finance Leasing avoids the usual disadvantages of costly upfront investment in technology that advances far quicker than the lifespan of any individual asset, including huge cost-savings.

You reduce your initial outlay with flexible repayments aligned to your cash flow – meaning you can budget more easily, benefit from predictable payments and invest more wisely in technology that suits your IT strategy. You can also choose fixed or variable interest and reduce tax payments, paying VAT on the rental payments as opposed to the purchase price.

Operating Lease

Operating Lease reduces your risk and increases cash flow by protecting the value of assets within your estate. We understand your IT strategy and can optimise the value of your estate by mitigating the risk of IT assets losing value. Where there are assets of high-value or specialist kit required to satisfy contracts, we can fix your costs and residual fee to reduce your payments.

Tailored repayments match your cash flow, allowing for predictability and control over your seasonal outgoings, and with Operating Lease, assets can be taken off your balance sheet. You choose fixed rentals that fit your revenues.

Software Lease

Leasing does not only apply to hardware. Software Leasing is an increasingly attractive option for acquiring the business software you need regardless of budget restrictions. Most importantly, software leasing enables you to keep pace with modern technology and ensures you are using the latest software-payments for which come out of future income.

You are able to write off the costs of obtaining software over its expected life, meaning you can guarantee a return on investment, and repayments are fixed for the duration of the agreement, freeing up resource for further business development. And because we provide IT solutions to most of Europe’s leading public sector and commercial businesses, we understand your software requirements.

Key Benefits

Conserve Cash Reserves IT financing supports the deployment of projects without utilising capital reserves, and often at a price significantly lower than the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC).
Improve Cash FlowFinancing can limit the negative impact on cash flow, which is often a major consideration when approving IT projects with any capital outlay.
Manageable budgetingIT finance contracts allow you to project both the expenditure and cash flow over the life of the contract, making budgeting a more manageable item.
Additional Credit Capacity Existing bank lines are maintained for core business activities. Rigby Capital largely stands outside of traditional banking lines and provides an additional line of credit.
Remove Risk Rigby Capital supports the principle of asset disposal. Removing disposal costs from the budget and planning process in advance can often have a significant economic impact and be the difference between yes or no decisions.
Cost EfficientThe internal cost of capital is often higher than any embedded, external financing charge within an agreement. Substantial savings are gained without removing the flexibility to upgrade or add-on during term.

What We Finance

  • PCs and laptops
  • Monitors
  • Servers, mainframes
  • Data communications, peripherals
  • Printers, photocopiers, scanners
  • Telephony systems
  • Audiovisual equipment
  • Mobile devices, handhelds, tablets
  • Electronic point-of-sale equipment
  • Data Centres
  • Software
  • Configuration, delivery, installation
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