Enabling you to work freely
We challenge you to think about how intelligent mobility can be used, right now, to make an immediate difference.

Mobility gives you the ability to become more agile, reducing costs of travel and real-estate, and significantly improving productivity through collaboration. Businesses that invest in mobility may increase their chances of attracting new talent and retaining those who seek a more flexible working balance.

Delivering Value

By allowing people to work ‘smarter’, businesses can leverage their best asset – their people. Creating an environment in which people can deliver more value to the business directly affects the bottom line. More strategic goals such as collaboration between teams across continents, efficient feedback, flexible decision making and streamlined sales and customer engagements add significant value.

Business Benefit

Mobility enables people to work freely.

  • Control – Central administration of policies for all devices and applications, user friendly self-service portals and real-time inventory ensures organisations can keep control of their environment and, most importantly, their data;
  • Seamless Integration – Reduce complexity, making it easier to manage the multiple device types and work styles within your business;
  • Transformation – Maintain flexibility, agility and predictive outcomes, protecting workspace for future developments.


Our Capability

  • Devices – Your people are demanding devices that best suit their needs – in many cases they will look for a device which covers both work and personal needs. Enabling choice, both for company supplied devices and support for BYOD, is pivotal to a successful Mobility strategy;
  • Airtime – Airtime covering both mobile minutes and/or data connections to supplement devices is a critical part of the mobility proposition;
  • Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) – EMM is the management and protection of applications and data. It enables working practises such as BYOD, COPE (company owned, personally enabled) and COCC (company owned, company controlled);
  • Support – A single point-of-contact for all Mobility support, including device, airtime, lost / stolen / damaged user support and Enterprise Security.

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