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By delivering applications and data through an aggregated secure access layer, you can provide a simple method of consuming and accelerate adoption of new technologies.

Decoupling applications and data from the device and/or legacy LAN delivers a secure, consistent and relevant experience, removing one of the most established technology blockers. This requires a blended approach that might include a number of device types and delivery methods. The innovation is when a delivery method, portal and app store strategy extends beyond traditional IT.

Enabling people to access their usual applications to request new software but also order lunch, tea or coffee, or have visibility of their HR files, expenses and collaboration tools through a single ‘window’ can deliver significant organisational benefit.

Business Benefit

The challenge faced by many is how to provide their people with flexible working solutions while protecting networks, information and intellectual assets.

  • Enhanced productivity – The ability to work effectively from anywhere, at any time and with whichever device employees have handy, providing more working options using either desktop or application;
  • Cost savings – Deploying blended EUC solutions minimises infrastructure requirements, the cost of technology refreshes and support resource required;
  • Flexibility – Increase flexibility to your users by allowing them to work in new ways and managing applications centrally.

The SCC Vision

By breaking ‘top-down’ control while maintaining a pragmatic but secure approach to risk, you can leverage data and application assets across a greater spread of devices and use cases. Decoupling infrastructure (private or cloud) from devices offers a greater, more flexible way of consuming data and accelerates adoption of new technologies.

We take a business view, rather than focusing on a single technology, vendor point solution or delivery method, enabling us to deliver a vision of next generation working. This approach engages different audiences, such as HR or the CxO, and allows appropriate technology solutions for specific business challenges.

Our Capability

  • VDI – Delivery of Persistent or Non-persistent Virtual Operating System Environments, typically Windows 7 or Windows 8.1+ (soon to be Windows 10);
  • Migration – Traditional Windows XP to Windows 7/8.1 Operating Systems (SCC is the No.1 Microsoft partner for XP deployments);
  • Application On-boarding – Ensuring that Apps and Data are delivered to the appropriate device;
  • App Store – To extend the App delivery solution to multiple Apps and to appropriate devices;
  • App Packaging – Application packaging service;
  • App Delivery – Delivery of Applications to any device;
  • Aggregation – Delivering additional services, such as SaaS, VDI and App Store, to the correct device, using the most appropriate App for the environment, OS and device from a single user portal.

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