SCC and Samsung: Bridging the rugged and consumer device divide

Businesses have an unprecedented opportunity to empower and motivate their frontline workers with an investment in the right mobile technology. However, traditional rugged and consumer devices only offer piecemeal solutions. Fortunately, businesses no longer need to make the choice between reliability and functionality. By investing in a new generation of devices that combine the benefits of both worlds, you can unshackle your frontline employees and open a new world of possibilities. Samsung’s rugged devices are made for the people who build our homes, patrol our streets and make those crucial deliveries. That means they need to do more. They need to be easy to use, while being able to withstand whatever it takes to get the job done. Why tougher doesn’t need to mean harder Rugged devices have been a business staple in many industries for decades, allowing frontline workers to operate even in the harshest of conditions. But in that time, they’ve rarely attempted to break out of their niche. They’ve developed a reputation of being specific tools for specific needs, with durability and security coming at the expense of limited functionality, bulky design – and often an eye-watering price tag. Meanwhile, some businesses have relied on consumer devices, choosing their superior performance, vaster range of features and faster evolution, at the expense of regular damage and failure. But why does there need to be this divide between rugged and consumer devices? Why can’t there just be a better choice for businesses? Whether you’re accustomed to rugged devices or have so far steered clear, it’s time to experience a new age of business mobility. Going rugged Whether your employees operate on a construction site or the shop floor, there’s one thing businesses need regardless of their environment: reliability. Standard devices aren’t designed to handle the rigours of these settings and are likely to break quickly due to anything from drops and spills, to dust and dirt. Meanwhile, rugged devices are specifically built to ensure your employees won’t be let down by their tools when it matters most. And no matter how rugged devices evolve, that core principle will always drive their design. Totally durable devices – Samsung Galaxy rugged technology has been designed to help frontline employees overcome barriers and obstacles in challenging environments.

  • IP68 water and dust resistant – Built to withstand the most demanding conditions, Samsung Galaxy rugged devices perform in dusty conditions and are water resistant for up to 30 minutes in 1.5 metres of fresh water.
  • MIL-STD 810G certification – Military-grade protection for your rugged device, built to withstand the shock* from a 1.2 metre drop with the cover attached
  • POGO PIN (Power & data transfer) – Making connections in the toughest environments, POGO pins on the side of your device enable convenient and high durability docking**
  • Replaceable battery – Fast-charge replaceable battery to power you through the day
  • Barcode scanners – Professional barcode scanning and both long and short-range RFID reading capabilities optimised for fast and accurate data transmission
  • Rugged accessories – Rugged accessories to help you work anywhere, including cases, docks, mounts, chargers and keyboards – all designed to maximise productivity in the field or in the office

The benefits Faster training: New Android-powered devices allow employees to use a system the vast majority are familiar with in their personal lives. More importantly they provide new employees with an array of tools for learning on the job, including augmented reality (AR) solutions. Improved connectivity: With one device for all their needs, workers can remain connected to the information they require at all times. Construction workers can pull up plans on site, retail employees can check stock without leaving a customer’s side, and healthcare professionals can access patient files at the click of a button. Unlimited functionality: With Android-powered devices, your workforce can utilise the full spectrum of applications on offer. Users won’t have to return to the office to manage their emails, access company databases or engage with HR systems. Minimal expense: Combined with cloud solutions, your employees can access vital information and perform essential functions any time and any place. Software solutions, like Samsung DeX,22 are even allowing employees to extend their mobile devices to a larger screen, whether they’re in the office or working remotely. Secure: A new generation of devices have security built into the hardware. Many come with security platforms, but leading the pack is Samsung Knox. It offers multi-layered, military grade defence. All data is securely encrypted by default using a government-certified encryption module, and personal data can be completely isolated within a device. Simple management: Mobile device management solutions can help to ensure consistency and control across your entire mobile fleet. You can guarantee that all software, from the operating system to applications, are kept secure and up to date, without any user involvement. Guaranteed authentication: Today’s devices can augment your password security with biometric authentication, such as face and fingerprint recognition. So even if a password falls into the wrong hands, you can be sure your data won’t. Consistent backup: Today’s devices automatically backup to the cloud, ensuring data remains on hand. As soon as you realise a device is missing, you can remotely lock access and wipe its hard drive. With tracking services, you can locate lost devices in a matter of minutes and avoid replacing devices that are right under your nose. [one_half]Galaxy XCover Pro Enterprise Edition: The hardworking, sleek, rugged business phone for your teams, that’s easy to use and hard to break. Find out more >[/one_half] [one_half_last]Galaxy Tab Active Pro Enterprise Edition: The highest performing rugged tablet with Samsung DeX and the highly responsive S-Pen. Find out more >[/one_half_last] [one_half]Galaxy XCover 5 Enterprise Edition: Built for the new way business is done. Find out more >[/one_half] [one_half_last]Galaxy Tab Active 3 Enterprise Edition: Easy to use, hard to break. Find out more >[/one_half_last] Click here to download the Samsung Rugged Factsheet. Why SCC and Samsung? We’re in never seen before times, both in our personal and professional lives. Now more than ever, the ability for people to work remotely with the best-in-class user experience is critical. SCC and Samsung are helping organisations across all sectors enable better frontline mobility. SCC ensures User Experience (UX) is at the centre of everything we deliver. We recognise employees today have high expectations, most having access to consumer devices at home that are well beyond typical corporate device specification. Our User First approach will help customers evolve from a Device-centric to a User, Security, Data and Applications centric future Workplace Strategy. We ensure our customers are secure, productive, connected, maintained, and managed, enabling seamless collaboration and office mobility (any device, anywhere, anytime). Our real-time, data-driven insights and actions will proactively identify and eradicate potential issues at the root. We will help our customers to achieve exponential growth by aligning IT and Business Strategy. User First – Committed to UX in everything we do. Simplified and Clear Communication – Transparent, easy to understand and accessible. Committed to Partnerships – Leverage suppliers, through collaboration and integrated processes. Agility – Adopt a flexible commercial and operational approach to anticipating and adapting to change. Zero Security Compromise – Adopt Industry best practice and proactive security management. Always Connected – Implement the best possible connectivity to enable collaboration and mobility. Integrated – Implement a seamless and friction-free ICT solution. Invest in People – Ongoing training, to improve capability and ensure exceptional service performance.  

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