Business Freedom and Flexibility: Samsung Galaxy Book2 Series

SCC has partnered with Samsung to deliver their Galaxy Book2 Series, comprising of five revolutionary products. Among them are the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360, a highly adaptable laptop-come-tablet and the all new Galaxy Book2 Business. With such incredible features, they’re the perfect companion for any business professional.  

Why Choose SCC and Samsung for Business?

Hybrid working is taking over the world of business. Employees now not only work from the office, but on the go, from their homes or elsewhere. And Samsung has the perfect range of products to support this change. Here’s why:

Mobile first design

With more people working from remote locations, Samsung has designed their devices to enable work from anywhere. That means they feature all-day battery life, incredible cameras and microphones, as well as Wi-Fi 6E to reduce buffering and download time.

World-class components

Samsung is known worldwide for its incredible devices, and that’s all thanks to the components. They’ve long been world leaders in silicon chips, batteries, software, and more.

Security at the core

It’s no wonder Samsung products support governments and enterprises globally. Their defence-grade security is top-notch, meaning users benefit from protection below the OS and early detection of cyber threats.


Maximise business potential with Galaxy Book2 business

The Galaxy Book2 Business is a high-performing device, cleverly designed to revamp hybrid working. With ultra-light and ultra-durable hardware, employees can transport it anywhere without worrying about damage. Plus, the device has been tested to MIL-STD 810H standards, so it can easily withstand excessive humidity, shock, vibration, altitude and temperature. But the real magic happens inside the device. Dubbed the fastest Galaxy Book, this is the laptop that goes further, faster, making it perfect for business. Including the new Intel 12th processor, the device has the potential to run multiple apps at once, boosting overall productivity. For remote video calls, the device is your ideal companion. With auto-framing, noise-cancelling technology and background effects, users look and sound fantastic, even in busy environments. The 1080p webcam offers a quality call experience and users can even begin the call using facial detection via Windows Hello. This incredible device ultimately unveils new levels of freedom and flexibility for businesses worldwide.


Best-in-class security for business

The Galaxy Book2 Business is by far the most secure Galaxy Book. Featuring multi-level defence below the OS, all hardware plus the OS itself is protected. The model is also built with a clever Tamper Alert function, which quickly detects threats and stops cyber attacks. Security is further enhanced with Fido 2.0 Fingerprint, the futuristic security asset. Only authorised users have access to the device with fingerprint detection. So, businesses can operate from virtually anywhere, confident both their people and their data is safe. Click here to discover more about SCC and Samsung’s partnership to deliver the Galaxy Book2 Series.

Click here to discover more about the Galaxy Book2 Business

SCC Payment Solutions:

SCC understands the importance of getting the full value out of all technology investments and works with its customers to deliver solutions on a managed refresh basis. Both hardware and deployment services are available for a recurring monthly fee, agreed upfront, and a residual value applied to lower the total cost.

• SCC Supply Chain Services ‘Gold’ option includes:

• Asset tagging

• SIM card installation

• Power on testing

• MDM device enrolment

• Automated download of business/user applications

• Screen protection

• External phone case with installation

• MI reporting on serial, asset tag, SIM number, mobile number and IMEI

SCC’s Supply Chain Services are truly scalable and can be made bespoke to your specific needs if our Gold, Silver or Bronze packages don’t meet your exact needs.

The SCC DVaaS:

The SCC DVaaS service provides organisations with a cost effective, simple way to be equipped with the latest technology without capital expenditure. It’s an effective way to procure, maintain, and securely manage the lifecycle of mobile IT equipment, DVaaS enables you to shift the high cost of owning and refreshing technology from capital expenditure to an operating expense, with a simple repayment plan that includes all hardware, software, support, and services delivered as part of the solution

Ownership adds extra support costs and locks you into linear economy. DVaaS helps organisations move to a circular economy, where the devices are refurbished and resold, and IT estates refreshed on a more frequent basis. This gives assets a second life, helping businesses achieve their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aims.


Why SCC and Samsung?

SCC and Samsung have partnered to deliver next-level solutions, complementing the needs of hybrid working. With a focus on impeccable user experience (UX), we strive to deliver solutions that make in-office capabilities possible from remote locations. That includes making sure our customers are secure, productive, connected, maintained, and managed from any device, anywhere.


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