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Virtual Casino Night: Don’t gamble with your security

Date & time

Thursday, August 12, 2021

04:30 PM - 07:00 PM


Virtual Event


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What can you expect?

This virtual event looks to educate by talking you through a real-world Ransomware attack from a CISO’s perspective. It will also focus on an engineer’s experience of how Cyber Criminals typically get a foothold and how they capitalise on the initial access to maximise the impact of the breach.

It will challenge you to think how you would fair if you experience a similar attack. Do you have the right people, processes and technology in place so mount a credible defence?

After gaining valuable insight from both our speakers it’s time for some fun. The Virtual Casino night is the evening’s entertainment, an opportunity to compete against others for fun. No gambling knowledge needed as the more traditional games are explained and remember lady luck can fall on anyone.


16:30 – Introduction to the event from Steve Goff, Cyber Security Specialist at SCC
16:40 – Chris Berry, SCC Chief Security Officer at SCC, will discuss a real Ransomware Attack from a CISO’s perspective
17:00 – Chris Eves, Security Engineer at Tenable, will cover the techniques Cyber Criminals uses after gaining access to your organisation
17:20 – Q&A with Chris Berry and Chris Eves
17:30 – Optional Casino Night
19:00 – Event close


Chris Berry - Chief Security Officer, SCC

Chris knows first-hand the many challenges a CISO faces. With over 30 years’ experience in Security related fields, and over 15 years as a CISO/CTO for both UK Central Government Departments and International Service Providers. He has implemented many successful Cyber Security strategies that helped these organisations significantly reduce the attack surface whilst managing the key stakeholders, auditors and compliance needs of the respective organisations successfully.

His experience was tested to the max when an organisation he was CISO for experienced a real-life Ransomware attack. Chris will share with you: how it happened, what the impacts and implications were on the organisation. What actions were taken and most importantly the lessons learned

Chris Eves – Security Engineer, Tenable

Chris is an Experienced Enterprise Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the data security, governance and identity areas of cyber security. Chris will talk about how Cyber Criminals get a footprint into organisations and then most importantly the techniques they use to move laterally, elevate privileges, and maximise the impact a breach.

Chris is a Data Protection expert helping to protect enterprise organizations from cyber-attacks, both internally and externally. During his 10 years in IT, he has built up knowledge of Networking, Infrastructure, Backup, Data Storage and more recently Data Protection & Governance and Active Directory Cyber Security.

Steve Goff – Cyber Security Specialist, SCC

Steve has over 25 years experience in IT specialist roles with the last 6 years focused on Cyber Security. Steve has a wide breadth of knowledge around the challenges that organisations face, as well as a strong understanding of the many Cyber Security Vendor offerings

The Virtual Casino details

The evening will begin with a more traditional casino game such as Blackjack or Roulette and then moves on to horse racing. At this point you have the option to go crazy with various racing options. Camel, Lama and Bull Dog racing adds a real element of fun and unpredictability.

The winner and second place will receive an Amazon voucher, which you can treat yourself with or choose to donate the cash equivalent to a charity of your choice.

This is all done virtually, so grab a drink or two in the comfort of your own home and enjoy the evening!

For more information on the games please watch this video and for more information on the horse racing please watch this video

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