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Live Webinar: From Data to Action

Date & time

Monday, September 06, 2021

04:30 PM - 05:30 PM


Virtual Event


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From Data to Action: How analytics in the travel, transportation and logistics industry can decrease compliance and regulatory cost, increase profitability and deliver customer value.









The UK business-to-consumer market has exploded as people in lockdown turned to the internet to make their purchases. And not only did volumes grow; the profile of goods being shipped changed, with more consumers ordering even the larger purchases online. In response, transport and logistics companies now need to fast-track their growth and development strategies, quickly expanding to seven days a week and having to make significant investments in technology to cope with demand.

However, the UK sector has been hit by a strong headwind, comprising of Brexit, shortage of labour (drivers), not enough warehouse space, and the need to reduce carbon emissions and optimise fleet cost. There is a need to be agile in the face of new market entrants with differentiated business models.

Webinar Takeaways

This webinar is going to outline how data analytics can help drive the insights to help power your business forward. We have the CTO from Scotia Gas Networks (SGN) explaining how they are using insight and data lake technology to drive down their fleet management cost – with a near real time view of their fleet. Now SGN are using the technology to target other use cases within the business to reduce further inefficiencies and reduce cost.

You will learn, about how data analytics drives efficiencies in transport and logistics, how data lake technology can provide insight which sets your business apart and allowing you to provide a differentiated service, ultimately increasing your profit margins. And finally how all this can be achieved for your business with a flexible Cloud model to increase your time to value and the simple steps you can take right now to start the journey.

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  1. Introduction & setting the scene
  2. The changing face of travel, transport, and logistics industry
  3. Data-driven fleet management – A customer success story
  4. Amorphic – Bringing it all together


Shuchi Nagar, Head of Architecture and Data at Scotia Gas Networks

Shuchi Nagar is the Head of Analytics and Architecture at SGN. He is currently performing a CTO and CDO role delivering IT and data strategy, innovation, all domains of architecture, data analytics, data governance, AI/DL, and technology transformation for the second-largest gas distributor in the UK.

Harshdeep Singh, General Manager and founder for Cloudwick Technologies in the EMEA region

Harshdeep has led the growth of the company in the EMEA region and has strengthened the partnership with its strategic partner, AWS to provide next-generation innovative Cloud-based solutions to its customers in the EMEA region.


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