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Join us for a Virtual Brewtanix

Date & time

Friday, April 23, 2021

04:00 PM - 06:00 PM


Virtual Event


  • Beer Tasting Event
  • Database management
  • Database operations
  • Nutanix
  • Webinar

You are invited to a SCC and Nutanix event “Simplify your database operations and management”


Join SCC and Nutanix for a Virtual Brewtanix event to give you the opportunity to network with other customers in an informal setting to learn about the powers of the Nutanix & SCC partnership while sipping a nice cold beer.


What is Brewtanix?


In collaboration with SCC Nutanix are bringing you the same content, knowledge, fun (and free beer) of a traditional Brewtanix event to the comfort of your own home!

This event will be in conjunction with Beavertown Brewery and will feature a representative from the brewery.

Sign up now in the form below, and join the session. You will receive your free beers and a nice beer glass just before the event, for you to put on chill!




Welcome from SCC

SCC and Nutanix: Simplify your Database Operations and Management

Test Drive on Nutanix ERA: Elegant and Efficient One-Click Database Operations

Beer Tasting

Wrap up with Q&A


Andrew Flavell- Technical Account Manager SCC

Andrew is key member of the team within many of SCC’s customers and leads the trusted advisor role. His multi decade experience and understanding of the technology landscape is valued by his technical peers both within SCC and the customers he serves. Andrew takes the time to regularly update vendor based certifications and professional memberships and can always be relied upon to clearly articulate the benefits of technology and digital transformation in the new hybrid model of IT.

Chris Kingdon- DBaaS Portfolio Specialist, Nutanix

Based in London, Chris is a DBaaS Portfolio Specialist at Nutanix with over 19 years in the industry across the UK and Australia. He aims to bring a personal and honest approach to changing the way we use technology with a focus on simplicity.


Introduction to SCC and Nutanix: Simplify your database operations and management:

Data is one of the most valuable resources in the world. Reliable data can be the key to the development of a new application, helping transform customer experiences, and deriving smart new insights. But for many businesses, efficiently converting it into something of extreme value can be demanding, especially if your databases have become somewhat out of shape. To help you take on this challenge, your databases need to be lean and powerful, for you, and your organisation, to operate effectively.