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The pressures on education institutions are mounting. They are challenged by global competition for students, funding and academics, as well as how to deliver a greater digital learning program post COVID-19.

Staying relevant in this era of digital transformation has never been more important. At the same time, delivering a world-class student experience that puts students first is paramount. SCC enable education institutions to deliver the best digital experience, attract the best and brightest students through the creation of optimum learning environment which are financially viable.

What our customers say


The University of Nottingham has awarded a key framework agreement to SCC for the supply of end user devices, IT infrastructure and consultancy services. By working in Partnership, SCC will expand and enhance existing expertise with Information Services and provide a high standard of additional consultancy to the University in order to support the ambitious Digital Transformation Programme. A programme designed to further the University’s position as a pioneering university that provides an exceptional education and an outstanding student experience.


Daniel Stapleton
IT Strategic Supplier Relationship Manager,
The University of Nottingham


SCC has been a strategic partner to the University of Birmingham since 2017 for compute technologies. As part of our collaborative relationship, SCC takes a consultative approach and works closely with the university to deliver value outside of the main contract agreement, including regular whiteboard sessions and guidance across all aspects of our IT strategy. SCC provides the University of Birmingham with tangible value and excellent service, and we look forward to developing our established partnership further and delivering long-term IT innovation together.


Ian McBride
Core Infrastructure Services Team Manager,
University of Birmingham

Your challenges

Maximising learner outcomes and value for students despite funding pressures

How to attract and retain staff into the teaching profession

Increase access to and use of technology to create a compelling student experience and deliver future-ready digital skills

Addressing the ongoing challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic including the academic catch up

Demand for student services increasingly more diverse and complex

How to deliver value and champion equality into the communities they operate in, focussing on economic, environmental and social improvements

Our key Education solutions

Many educational organisations are using legacy infrastructure that was not designed to cope with the demand of distanced learning. Universities and Higher Education organisations face pressure to produce seamless education experiences from any location on any device.

SCC’s EUC teams ensure education customers are secure, productive, connected, maintained and managed, delivering seamless collaboration and student mobility to help organisations achieve exponential growth by aligning IT and business strategy.

SCC will align people, process and technology to the following solution areas:

Collaboration and Communication

SCC’s EUC solution includes high quality display technology, with professional grade audio and enhancing cloud software. Our range covers equipping lecture halls to display screens on and around campus.

Unified Endpoint Management

Enable IT teams to harness the estate within the organisation using SCC’s Endpoint Management service. The platform provides a single administrative console for managing device security policies, asset inventory and compliance reporting.

Application Modernisation

SCC can identify applications used across the infrastructure, assuming management of these to remotely implement upgrades of applications and can deliver containerisation services to help modernise legacy applications.

Technology Adoption

SCC’s technology adoption team offers training, end user adoption and learning management services.

Product Supply

At SCC we offer support throughout the whole process of the product lifecycle, from initial procurement to storage and logistics, certified data erasure, configuration and repair and recycling and disposal.

Device as a Service (DVaaS)

SCC’s DVaaS solution allows education organisations to refresh their technology on a regular basis through consumption-based pricing.

Service Desk

Our Service Desk ensures IT support can be given to end users without the need to interact directly with another human via self-service portals and chatbots.

The benefits

  • Enable greater collaboration within educational organisations.
  • Implement a robust EUC solution, designed to enhance student experience.
  • Simplify budgets with the consumption-based models woven throughout SCC’s EUC solutions.
  • Procure, maintain and securely manage the lifecycle of mobile IT equipment with confidence.

Modern security breaches are growing in sophistication, making it increasingly difficult to protect the changing profile of endpoint estates using traditional security defence systems. Due to a distributed workforce, student population and an increasing number of endpoints, security risks are more threatening than ever before. For education organisations to confidently enable online, bring-your-own-device and 24/7 learning environments, while protecting student data, there must be reliable security systems in place.

Not only do education organisations need reliability in a defence system, they also need a robust platform to underpin it all. Effective endpoint security requires a comprehensive view of every device on the network. SCC’s Managed Endpoint service allows for the rapid identification of and response to threats across disparate estates, regardless of the number of endpoints.

The SCC Managed Endpoint allows education organisations to consolidate their usage of multiple point products that deliver Patch, Vulnerability and Asset Management etc. into a single agent, with a single service cost per month, that helps guarantee the management and security of the user base.


SCC’s core discovery service can provide a complete endpoint inventory in seconds. This includes identifying assets and providing education organisations with comprehensive visibility on their hardware estate. Once discovered, the SCC managed service can help secure and take control of the assets.


The SCC Vulnerability service monitors and assesses endpoints in real-time for operational and security risks, allowing education organisations to identify, understand and react at speed to any endpoint device vulnerabilities and threats. SCC’s Patch Management service ensures that all endpoints operate at the most current patching levels.

The benefits

  • Identify and manage complex endpoint estates.
  • Focus on delivering business value to students and employees while being confident that the organisation is protected.
  • Ensure students and staff can work in a secure learning environment by gaining visibility, control and the ability to respond to threats quickly.

Educational organisations depend on their networks being able to handle emerging requirements. They are expected to provide reliable, high-speed connectivity across their sites and remotely. The increasingly complex nature of the access points and technology across organisations means that when networks are not optimal there is a risk of disruption to educational processes, potentially limiting students from obtaining learning resources or even from attending online classes.

SCC’s Network Managed Service provides effective management of the infrastructure of education organisations, including monitoring and alerting, updates and ongoing support to ensure the infrastructure is flexible and reliable.

Connect the Classroom

SCC runs a Connect the Classroom program funded by the Department for Education that aims to help schools across the country to access an effective and comprehensive, education-focused wireless networking solution. SCC can guide organisations through every step of the process including obtaining funding.

Network Health Checks

Educational organisations need a detailed understanding of network infrastructure before any future planning and investment. SCC’s Network Health Checks provide them with a complete assessment of their network to provide a number of reports, which give insight into the network devices across their infrastructure. A detailed set of recommendations on the future direction of the network will be provided. This allows organisations to see where they need to invest to bring their network up to date.

The benefits

  • SCC have a dedicated team and carefully defined approach to Education Network Management.
  • SCC’s solutions are designed to meet the requirements of today, but also those of the future.
  • Access to a range of market leading vendors including Cisco, Meraki, Aruba and Juniper.
  • Ensure technological estates are kept up to date and fit for the demands of a rapidly changing education landscape.
  • Prevent reputational damage and recovery costs with a reliable, tailored Network Managed Service.

Cloud computing in education is on the rise, many education institutions have already moved to a blended learning model. For others intending to do so, a key focus is to find a solution that can truly support education organisations in helping students achieve success as they study remotely.

SCC are unique in our ability to discuss, consult, supply, deploy and support cross-discipline collaboration solutions as part of digital transformation and cloud-based services. SCC Collaboration offers a comprehensive range of solutions, services and cutting-edge technologies from leading vendors to meet every aspect of your audio-visual needs.

We are a strategic partner of RingCentral who are recognised as a global leader and provider of cloud telephony and contact centre solutions. Working with RingCentral we offer an all-in-one cloud solution, especially suited to the Education Sector. Together, our service offers a way of building a cloud infrastructure that helps lower costs and improve learning experiences for the new technically savvy generation.

The proposition provides a single multi-cloud solution, which not only helps Early Years and Higher Education organisations to reduce costs, it also improves the efficiency of the organisation’s communications with parents, students and internally with a seamless user experience.

Efficient and engaging collaboration is made easier by RingCentral through SCC, with features including instant messaging, online presence, file sharing and annotation, as well as audio calls and video conference calling functionality. Security is paramount to educators and RingCentral through SCC help education organisations to stay secure, protect sensitive data and keep students safe in the virtual environment.

The benefits

  • Improve student-teacher communications with this dedicated collaboration solution.
  • Embrace the flexibility of a bespoke solution design, enabled by SCC’s wider organisation.
  • Provide better learning environments with the secure and reliable cloud-based communications system.
  • Enable student and teachers to work from anywhere on any device.

Esports is competitive video gaming usually with an engaging spectator element and a cash prize. Players may play one-on-one against one another or in teams. Matches are watched by spectators at a live physical event or online in real time. Used within the curriculum and as a next-generation leisure offering, the benefits are vast in a future driven by technology.

Esports in Colleges and Universities is creating next-generation careers and attracting global talent. With the three-year degree course running, the demand for state-of-the-art Esports Hubs will have a huge impact on education organisations, helping attract students to all courses and creating new revenue streams through the ability to host Esports events and professional competitions.

SCC Esports Solution

SCC offers an end-to-end Esports solution which is fully installed, integrated, supported and scalable. This can range from creating a curriculum-based environment for students to a high-end competitive gaming environment, with audience capabilities according to requirements.

Each Esports package from SCC provides the following features:

  • Scoping, installation, integration and support.
  • Supply of all the kit required including audio-visual, gaming workstations, monitors, speakers, keyboards, mice and headsets.
  • Options for gaming tables, chairs and ambient lighting.
  • Pre-staging and building of the devices including asset tagging.
  • Secure data deletion and recycling.
  • Next business day onsite support.

SCC’s all-in-one solution is available at three levels – entry, mid and high-end – and comes pre-packaged with all the gaming technology, peripherals and audio-visual equipment that are needed to create a next-generation Esports Hub.

The benefits

  • Pay monthly options with Flex options to upgrade hardware throughout the term.
  • Create new revenue streams by capturing new audiences and attracting students from around the world.
  • Deliver an exceptional student experience with a fully flexible and scalable Esports solution.
  • Take advantage of the Device as a Service payment and support model, with built in Flex options to enable to seamless upgrades.

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