“Made up of fourteen different, autonomous businesses, Samworth Brothers lacked a centralised IT infrastructure. The IT services and requirements, such as active directory, email, and desktop and laptop deployments, were being delivered by fourteen different areas. It needed a more strategic initiative around commodity IT.” – Martin Gibbons, Group IS Director

Martin Gibbons, Group IS Director, explains: “We wanted to change the IT service within our organisation so that it works as an integral part of everyday operations; we’re looking to provide a much more effective platform for our organisations to actually exploit IT in the future. “What was attractive to me about SCC was the principal of having a partner that wouldn’t just do what we asked them to do but would help us in actually going on the whole IT overhaul journey. “The solution has provided us with a more risk free and flexible landscape that’s going to allow Samworth Brothers to exploit IT moving forwards.

“From the outset, we wanted to bring in a strategic partner to help us transform the IT service we deliver to our business leaders and wider workforce. “SCC has most definitely proved themselves to be the perfect partner, not only handling existing problems and challenges in the short term, but also being very capable at looking to the future and helping us shape and plan an IT strategy that will cope with business growth, market shifts and advances in technology.

“They act as an extension of the brains we have within our own organisation, and work with us to deliver the best IT service possible to our businesses. “SCC has essentially changed the culture of our business. Now people in the company think of IT as a positive enabler for improved productivity and collaboration, rather than something painful that they have to deal with, something else that they have to consider, and ultimately something that gives them work to do.”

“Through their centralisation, Samworth Brothers can ‘now exploit available technologies to support our business as a whole, rather than in autonomous, inconsistent IT silos, driving down overall cost and increasing efficiency across the entire company.”

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