“The project with SCC went above and beyond the call of duty.”
– Paul Conroy, IT Support manager

Loretto is both a private school and a boarding school responsible for educating children of all ages.

When Loretto wanted to update their IT infrastructure, they contacted SCC to do a preliminary review, which highlighted areas for improvement. Based on SCC’s advice, Loretto decided to implement new HP Servers, in order to increase their network storage capacity and enable new cloud services.

SCC also introduced Office 365 as a cloud service, allowing all staff and students access to a wide range of Microsoft Office applications to support learning and teaching from their own devices, wherever they are.

Paul Conroy, Head of IT Support at Loretto said: “Technology is a big part of education now. All classrooms are kitted out with smartboards, and students are expected to bring their own devices. This allows them to access the VLE and Office 365.”

“SCC identified and eliminated all single points of failure with our server farm. The project with SCC has gone very well. Their IT guys were very professional and very experienced.”

Steve Howard, Bursar at Loretto said: “Some of the companies that I have dealt with before were trying to sell me something, when what I needed was someone to work with me and with the school to deliver what we wanted, and that’s exactly what SCC did, so that for me was incredibly important.

“I have been pleasantly surprised with SCC’s involvement, as we were originally in danger of going down the wrong path but SCC fully understood what we needed from both our hardware and our software. Not only that, but I found the process absolutely seamless.

“From the way we operated before to the way we operate now, they’ve worked with us all the way through. We didn’t have any downtime. “I’m absolutely delighted and I’d recommend SCC to anyone”

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