“SCC plays a vital role in our success” – Alan Street, AV Manager

Visual Communications Solution

Jardine Lloyd Thompson is an international financial services and insurance broker.

In order to perform effectively on a global stage, JLT needed an effective way of communicating in real-time with colleagues and clients around the world

They chose SCC to design, implement and manage an AV solution that enabled collaboration using technology.

SCC installed a series of audio visual conferencing facilities in their meeting rooms and board rooms, allowing them to collaborate internally and communicate with customers worldwide.

Alan Street, AV Manager at JLT said: “Communication is hugely important to our business and the solution provided by SCC has allowed us to collaborate globally using technology.

“We have people working around the world on key tenders that rely upon the ability to communicate in real-time and the video conferencing facilities provided by SCC enable them to succeed.

“We partner with SCC because we value their experience and knowledge around video collaboration and we have a long-standing relationship built upon many well-implemented projects.

“The three words I would use to describe SCC are:

  • Knowledgeable because they have a very broad knowledge of a range of technologies;
  • Trustworthy because we’ve had a relationship for a long time;
  • Independent because they aren’t tied to a specific technology provider or brand.”

JLT is currently expanding into new offices in the US and plans to work with SCC to make sure they have the same collaboration facilities.

“Our new offices will need a lot of support from their colleagues, so we’re working with SCC to implement video as a behaviour from the offset.”

Print Solution

“As a result of SCC’s involvement to reduce print costs, JLT has saved approximately £300,000 per annum.”

In 2008, JLT Group assessed its print solution and identified that printing was costing the London office approximately £980,000 per annum. The Group sought a print solution with the main drive to reduce print expenditure, while also requiring a solution that would consolidate the number of devices, reduce suppliers and update its print technology.

M2, an SCC business, provided a solution that included consolidation, new equipment, centralised support and expertise and a bespoke scanning solution. Phil Reeves, Commercial Director at JLT Management Services, said: “We wanted to embrace the new print technology that was available on the market, while reducing the amount of devices we had throughout our London and regional offices.

“SCC was able to cut the number of devices we used by 25% through the site survey and a thorough understanding of our business requirements. “We have now a tenfold improvement to our support desk with SCC Docucare service, an onsite engineer has reduced downtime to minutes from days.

“The clear communication between SCC and JLT means any problems are resolved quickly. SCC offer a very flexible approach to matching kit to each department’s needs changing equipment at no charge where necessary. “We have come to depend on the specialist knowledge and market insights of the team at SCC. “Its broad range of partners, technologies and innovative solutions has enabled us to keep our technologies current while managing our cost base extremely effectively.

“We have reduced our energy costs by using the most energy efficient products and paper costs by 20% with automatic duplex as standard and we will see real cost savings of 30% or £1.5 million over the contract.”

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