“At the heart of the plans to deliver Northern Ireland’s first ever Public Sector campus, Down District Council was to move into a spectacular new, three-storey building – complete with huge IT infrastructure challenges.”

The new council building, formerly one of the leading psychiatric units in the UK, cleverly marries the old with the new at the 52-acre site, where part of the iconic Downshire building has been joined by a 21st Century extension. But with much of the existing infrastructure and user devices not capable of meeting the requirements of the 250 staff and with a fixed budget, Gavin Ringland, the Council’s IT Officer consulted SCC to create a project scope that provided a total revamp of the ICT at the council premises. With a fixed budget and no contingency to meet unforeseen additional costs, the project was always going to be difficult.

Headed up by a highly experienced and dedicated Project Manager, SCC handpicked a team of 15 experienced individuals, who relocated to Downshire, which meant they were on-hand to deliver a complex project in a short amount of time.

As an experienced team, with knowledge of working with the Public Sector, SCC was able to work under the tight constraints and manage the complex approval process. Gavin Ringland, Down District Council’s IT Office, said:

“We were lucky enough to have two Solution Architects on this project. The collaboration of two incredibly creative brains meant they were able to cut down the implementation time from five weeks to three.”“The exceptional Project Management was the cornerstone of this project, without which the it would not have been delivered on time and to budget.”

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