“Through working with SCC we’ve achieved some fantastic results.” 
– Nicola Richards, Lead Libraries Officer

Cardiff Central Library has undergone a huge refurbishment in recent years, as the council equips it to act as a “library hub”, which delivers additional services such as meeting rooms and coding classes.

SCC was selected to support this project by integrating a new network that would allow Cardiff Central Library to connect with other libraries in the area and run wi fi for devices throughout the building.

Part of this project saw the introduction of their new “Digital Floor”, which features a wi fi network and various tablet devices set up for safe public use. SCC also installed video conferencing capabilities, enhancing the meeting rooms and enabling the library staff to hold effective meetings with people in other locations.

Lead Libraries Officer, Nicola Richards said: “The key thing was to mesh together technology that already was located within the council, in other buildings, and to integrate it into the central library. That was quite challenging but through working with SCC we’ve achieved some fantastic results.”

“It was very difficult to deliver the project within the timeframes and the key to delivering that and making us far less stressed was ensuring that good communication was maintained. SCC definitely did that.

“The timeframes of the project were incredibly challenging, and SCC delivered on every single one, so I have to say thank you to them for that.”

The goal was to create an environment which supports learning and enable the library to hold various functions. Since the new facilities were installed, Cardiff Library has used them to host a range of events, such as their popular Coding Club and Digital Hack Days.

Nicola Richards added: “Our goal is to provide services that make a real difference to customers. We achieve that by working with partners.”

“I wouldn’t hesitate to work with SCC in the future if future projects are in development.

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