“SCC is critical to BA’s success, and the relationship has evolved successfully over the last 15 years. We’ve grown together – SCC is understanding of what BA is trying to achieve, and shares our goals”. Steve Harding, Head of IT Operations, British Airways.

British Airways has trusted SCC across all core IT infrastructure services for 15 years – and has signed a five-year contract extension to take the relationship through to 20 years.

Having originally signed a three-year break/fix & IMAC deal in February 1999, the latest renewal is the fourth consecutive and was renegotiated without going to competitive tender.

The relationship between BA and SCC is one based on consistency, quality and trust, achieved through a common understanding of the BA business culture and successful collaboration.

“The move to Terminal 5, as an example, was massive – SCC was critical to the success of that particular project. Going forward, the world is changing, technology is changing and the British Airways organisation will be changing. It’s key to us to have stability and that’s why we have signed the extension with SCC contract to take our partnership through another five years. I’m not sure I could sum up SCC in three words – but in four: part of the team” – Steve Harding, Head of IT Operations, British Airways.

Adrian Steel, Head of IT Operations at IAG, British Airways’ parent company, said: “SCC’s performance is at the heart of our business. And there’s always a profound effect with a partner like SCC.”

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