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Organisations see outsourced payroll services as an attractive and valuable alternative to in-house processing.

They provide a more efficient way of paying employees, filing taxes, and ensuring compliance with statutory requirements, as well as cost savings.

Your Challenges

Do you want to take the stress out of payday?

Do you need to simplify compliance with regulations such as GDPR?

Do you want to reduce admin burden and free up HR, Finance and admin teams?

Do you know outsourced payroll services provide a cheaper, more efficient way of paying employees, submitting RTI, and ensuring compliance with statutory requirements?

Our Solutions

  • Improvement programmes – Customer service improvement programmes to optimise operations.
  • Managed SLAs – A managed service level agreement that undertakes scheduling and workforce planning.
  • Cost savings – Generate headline cost savings for you while improving day-to-day operations.

How we do things

Our Pyramid Payroll service provides an outsourced payroll solution to suit every organisation. This allows you to focus on core business objectives as we provide the right level of functionality to fit your needs.

Our service guarantees a greater level of accuracy, compliance and control because our experts are under one roof and manage everything; saving you time and money.

Business Benefits

  • Save money – Using an outsourced payroll provider is much cheaper than the other options.

  • Gain resources – By cutting back on HR, finance and admin teams who can focus on strategic tasks.

  • Ensure taxes are filed correctly – Last tax year HM Revenue & Customs fined more than 28,000 organisations for incorrect tax returns.

  • Ensure compliance with current and future regulations

  • Ensure payroll continuity and robust disaster recovery


  • SupportSupported by a named Payroll Officer at our Managed Payroll Service Centre.

  • Painless transitionA data migration and configuration service for a painless transition to SCC.

  • CertifiedFully HMRC certified software and BACS approved Bureau.

  • ReachReport across tax years.

  • AutomationAutomates the sending of e-Payslips.

  • FlexibleConfigurable functionality.

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