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The term Virtualisation generally makes customers and CxO’s think of the server estate. But with the proliferation of new and exciting technology in both hardware and more importantly software arena, new virtualisation solutions are allowing customers to get more utilisation and deliver additional services with less capital investment costs.  Some of the new virtualisation technologies that are now in the market are the following:

  • Desktop Virtualisation – With the explosion of touch based tablets, the traditional desktop is no longer the only way to deliver applications and services. But the problem is that the control is difficult to maintain. So desktop virtualisation allows corporate controlled desktops to be delivered to touch based devices as well as thin clients. This helps reduce the total cost of ownership from more than just the capital deployment cost.
  • Application virtualisation – While this technology has been around for a while now, the new features and integration within mobile and touch has meant that applications need to be delivered to more diverse range of devices. And the next generation of application delivery via virtual platforms will mean that access to core systems, regardless of the device, will be key to mobilisation of the modern workforce.
  • Network virtualisation – As applications and services are becoming more complex, and also with the addition of wireless devices becoming the norm, there is more network traffic than ever before. And with the new virtualisation solutions, you can configure physical and virtual network interfaces to improve the overall performance and security of modern network topologies.
  • Storage virtualisation – As storage cost reduce more and more over time, the ability to manage multiple storage vendors and pools becomes more complex. Virtualisation of the storage allows for greater flexibility in where the data resides and how to manage the best utilisation of the resources

As virtualisation is now a key component of any IT organisations strategy moving forward, SCC are in a prime position to understand the business issues that can be overcome utilising the new virtual solutions in the market. SCC has accreditations with all of the major virtualisation platform vendors and has delivered complex solutions using multiple vendors. This enables customers to drive down costs and remove complexity through innovate technologies.

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