Something you do, not somewhere you go

The concept of work has changed. Historically we have gone to work. Now, with changing lifestyles, technologies and expectations, work can be defined as something you do, not somewhere you go.


Change is not a recent challenge but the pace and ability to transform your business and work styles has increased beyond all recognition. As work has changed, so must the way we deliver and secure information, both internally and externally to customers and suppliers. To enable and support this new way of doing, SCC has created Workspace, defined in four key areas:

Visual Communications – The design, implementation and management of Video Conferencing and high-impact audio-visual technology.

Universal Communications – Creative, agile and responsive communications – voice and video, enabling collaboration in real time, wherever and whenever required.

Mobility – Freeing your people, enabling choice and embracing flexible working both for the tech-nurtured generation and the experienced workforce.

End User Compute (EUC) – Delivering the applications and information that enable work.


The Challenge

For 30 years, corporate IT innovation has stood still relative to consumer mobile adoption, and has been hamstrung by expensive legacy infrastructures, procedures and compliance. As ‘Generation X’ users begin to take senior roles within business in larger and more influential numbers, they are expecting the ability to access data and applications on a variety of devices, at their convenience.

The problem businesses face is the introduction of Generation Y, or ‘Digital Native’, users who grew up with technology and entirely depend on it. Generation Y are generally ‘plugged-in’ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and prefer to communicate through social media, instant messaging and video as opposed to traditional email or face-to-face meetings. This generation also prefers webinars and online technology over traditional learning interactions.


The Solution

By allowing people to work ‘smarter’, businesses can leverage their best asset – their people. Creating an environment in which people can deliver more value to the business directly affects the bottom line. More strategic goals such as collaboration between teams across continents, efficient feedback, flexible decision-making and streamlined sales and customer engagements add significant value.


Next Steps

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