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The Challenge

Out of the box SharePoint and Office 365 sites are very basic, provide no real navigation capability, which users find difficult to use. As so much functionality is afforded with these products, typical questions include:

  • Where do I start?
  • How do I get my users engaged?
  • How do I realise the value of my investment?
  • How do I continue to maintain an effective deployment, BAU?


The Solution

Our practice has successfully designed, built and delivered custom business applications, collaboration sites and company wide intranets. In response to demand, we have now introduced our very popular Collaboration Portal to quickly deploy and enable collaborative sites, using Office 365 and on premises SharePoint. A set of pre-built templates for Navigation, Teams, Projects and Communities have been developed, vastly reducing the time it takes to get up and running with early adopter groups. The templates use all the standard SharePoint functionality but add a layer of user interface improvement, to enhance the user experience and increase adoption.





Collaboration Consultancy Services

Should you have SharePoint, Intranet or Collaboration requirements but do not have the skills or resource available, we can offer our consultancy services. An effective Governance Framework is key to any success and adoption.



SCC appreciates that it’s always about the user and SCC’s approach puts them centre stage. A solution which isn’t used, results in wasted resource and money. SCC has a highly accomplished SharePoint and Collaboration Practice, working within the Professional Services Division. Everyone in the team has at least 5 years experience with SharePoint, with a successful track record of delivering some of the largest, and most complex SharePoint projects and initiatives in the UK, to date. The team consists of; Business Consultants, SharePoint Developers, SharePoint Infrastructure Architects, SharePoint Project Managers and administrative staff.



Next Steps

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