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We provide business wellbeing by managing your HR and payroll. We help you hire, develop and pay your people efficiently, and without risk: trusted to run HR & payroll services for leading business across Europe for 40 years.

People are the backbone of every organisation. Payroll, HR and Data Services, however, underpin the entire organisation and play a huge part in its success or failure. We provide our customers 100% accuracy and reliability.


Optimise HR

Optimise HR is a suite of Cloud-based HR applications which are fully integrated; sharing the same data elements, workflow processes and technology platform. Optimise HR is based on a single database architecture, which means that employee data is entered once and shared across the integrated suite of Optimise HR applications, ensuring consistency of data and efficiency of data processing.



OptimisePay is SCC’s Cloud-based payroll management system, hosted in our UK Data Centre and used by customers to reduce cost and improve efficiency. The platform enables HR departments to streamline and automate payroll processing and controls, and can be configured to the specific requirements of individual organisations.

Security is at the forefront of the OptimisePay platform, at both database and application level, featuring full audit facilities and catering for all UK&I legislative requirements, updating live.

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