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Understanding the complexity and risk of interdependency

Networks and interdependency of systems across UK business and Government organisations are growing, and with this growth comes complexity.

With complexity comes risk – of data loss, malicious attack and network outages – and a dependency of only few who fully understand it.


The Challenge

The traditional network environment has gone; users expect to be able to access personal and corporate data wherever they are, on whichever device they choose. This has dramatically increased the risk of targeted attacks and the reliance on IT departments to provide a high quality service.

However management of networks can be simpler, in turn enabling the security of a system or environment to be assessed on merit and criticality of the data, without having to be incorporated into current systems. Simplification is the key to enabling business agility and reducing the risk of data loss or business downtime.

This also enables IT to add value to an organisation and not be seen as a cost, through productivity gains such as self-help password resets or wireless hotspots and access to corporate data.


Mitigating risk

Against the backdrop of simplification is regulation and compliance. While it is accepted that there is no 100% in security, it is a legal obligation to take ‘appropriate technical and organisational measures’ to protect data. These measures vary depending on the sensitivity of data, nature of the organisation and available resource, but you have to be able to show that you understand your risk and manage it appropriately for your organisation.


The Solution

SCC understands each of the factors which affect UK business and government organisations, and make IT work within this backdrop. We have built a Network & Security practice designed to support not only today’s requirements, but future IT environments, through relationships with thought-leadership partners offering a different view on risk and security, as well as the established community.

From initial engagement, SCC aims to understand your organisation’s priorities, risk appetite and projects through to being there in the event of an incident to help.


Risk Appetite

SCC, through its own Information Assurance Practice, helps assure and accredit some of the UK’s key government, commercial and regulatory bodies, and can offer best practice advice around your risks and business practices to enable effective policies which support the operation. We are working with leading IT organisations to offer relevant services to help you identify initial areas of high-return as well as roadmap to more effective security.



Working with leading vendors across both traditional networking and Cloud managed networks, SCC can help you plan, supply, implement and manage effective networks for your business practices. Our capability extends to supporting your network, helping with troubleshooting and being on-site, when appropriate, to replace or refresh equipment.



Many organisations see security as a cost, a blocker, a necessary overhead or evil – this is not the approach we take. We understand that security needs to support business operation – not be seen as preventative – to discourage users from circumventing systems and increasing business risk. Given the accelerated growth of networks and business, having the time to stop and assess risk is rare, though this is a requirement in order to plug the gaps.

SCC helps its customers by using industry leading assessment tools, the output of which aids your business case for change.


Secure Government

Through the listing of services on G-Cloud and utilising deployment from SCC’s pan-Government accredited cloud solution, SCC is able to offer secure solutions for all facets of government. We have wide experience of working with government and assisting in meeting policy to offer services via a Cloud platform, meaning migration from traditional on-premises into a new way of working.


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