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“When Stobart Group acquired a number of disparate businesses, they needed an IT partner to consolidate their estate, providing data centre provision, technological leadership and helpdesk services, and utilising innovative technology capable of keeping their vehicles on the road.”

To improve operational efficiency across the UK, Stobart Group needed an IT infrastructure that would be able to keep up with current and future business strategies.

Vince Sparks, Group IT Director for Stobart Group, explains: “We took industry-specific references that led us to working with SCC. SCC has been able to introduce us to a variety of new technology through their widespread vendor partnerships.”

Since moving to a centralised IT model, Stobart Group have seen considerable overall cost reductions through consolidation, rationalisation, and server virtualisation.

Sparks added: “Our move to the data centre and purchasing capacity up front has certainly enabled us to be more flexible and agile as we’ve acquired businesses.

“SCC’s private background gives a certain sort of credibility; there’s the financial stability that we look for and the supplier accreditation, as well as a cultural fit. SCC takes a collaborative approach and work in partnership to overcome any difficulties.

“The challenges we now face are around the fast rate of change in mobile technology and security. We’re looking for agile solutions, and, like many businesses, we’re looking towards Cloud.

“These rapid changes mean we need the ability to flex up and flex down as we acquire. And we look to SCC for technological innovation and leadership.”

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